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2 Potted Petunia Flowering Plants

Attracts Birds, Fragrance, Good for Containers, Low Maintenance
₹ 166.00

Adenium Pink Live Plant

A beautiful plant perfect for the indoors.
₹ 182.00

African marigold (Yellow) Plant

Plant is wonderfully easy to grow; it tolerates just about every indoor condition.
₹ 118.00

Aloe Vera Live Plant

Aloe Vera, there is no better alternative for the useful yet decorative plant.
₹ 102.00
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Tulsi Live Plant

An outdoor plant popular for its medical benefits, It is a fragrant and perennial herb which is used in Ayurvedic medicines.
₹ 99.00

Croton Live Plant

This thick Indoor Plant with leathery leaves of varying colours comes in various shapes and sizes but turns multiple shades darker as it ages.
₹ 199.00

Gardenia / Cape Jasmine Live Plant

The sweet smell of white color flowers creates an aroma of your garden. This flower makes your garden looks attractive & eye catchy.
₹ 198.00

Dianthus Live Plant

Plant is wonderfully easy to grow
₹ 118.00
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Hibiscus Live Plant

This plant is a breed of flowering plants and its species are popular for their attractive flowers.
₹ 134.00

Red Rose Live Plant Natural Green

The red rose is the symbol of love. People admire the beauty of roses. This red rose flower is gorgeous to look and surround your lawn with a beautiful fragrance.
₹ 199.00

Pentas Pink - Lanceolata, Starcluster Live Plant

Come to a vast selection of pentas plants and find one that will thrive in your indoor/outdoor landscape. Now, you can start planting pentas to add some flair in the future.
₹ 166.00

Tecoma Orange Live Plant / Cape honeysuckle

Come to a vast selection of Tecoma plants and find one that will thrive in your indoor/outdoor landscape. Now, you can start planting Tecoma to add some flair in the future.
₹ 199.00

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Landscape Designing

Landscape Designing is just like the magic wand that works to turn a dull and boring garden into something worth skipping a beat with its mesmerizing beauty.



Garden means a combination of beautiful green plants and well maintained lawn. Plants and grass are the building pillars of a splendid garden, thus, give home to beautiful plants.


Irrigation & Dripping

Irrigation and Drainage services are considered as one the most important needs of your garden, these services help your plants to grow at a smooth pace by watering your plants.



A well-maintained garden is a healthy and blooming garden. Take care of your garden in the best possible manner with Garden.



Need Some Expert Gardening Advice or looking for someone to guide you with your garden skills, then, reach out to NB Gardening.


Plants and gardening essentials

The building block of your own garden, Plants and other gardening essentials all at your fingertips now.