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    Our exclusive and accessible service provides an opportunity to beautify your Landscape/Outdoor.
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About Us

Let Us Show You What A True Garden Is

Trusted as one of the best Landscape and Garden Design companies Natures Buggy offers you a variety of gardening services turning a stop platform for all your gardening needs. We as a company don't boast around our expert commercial and residential gardening services but believe in intensifying the beauty of barren lands both private and commercial by turning it to a pretty garden with expert landscape designing architects and brilliant gardening services which reflects in our work.

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Our Services

Landscape Designing

Landscape Designing is just like the magic wand that works to turn a dull and boring garden into something worth skipping a beat with its mesmerizing beauty.


Garden means a combination of beautiful green plants and well maintained lawn. Plants and grass are the building pillars of a splendid garden, thus, give home to beautiful plants.

Irrigation & Dripping

Irrigation and Drainage services are considered as one the most important needs of your garden, these services help your plants to grow at a smooth pace by watering your plants.


A well-maintained garden is a healthy and blooming garden. Take care of your garden in the best possible manner with Garden.


Need Some Expert Gardening Advice or looking for someone to guide you with your garden skills, then, reach out to NB Gardening.

Plants and gardening essentials

The building block of your own garden, Plants and other gardening essentials all at your fingertips now.

Plants vs Zombies

In Drawings

The Golden Apple

In Illustrations

Yellow Lenses

In Photography


In Drawings

Muffin Bride

In Illustrations

Sunny Day

In Photography

Self Portrait

In Drawings

Love and Hate

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