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Being a gardener or a gardening hobbyist, it becomes very important to know which flowers will still bloom in more than 30-degree centigrade. During the summer time (March to May) plants require comparatively more maintenance and nurturing. We all are aware of many beautiful summer flower plants in India that flourish in an assortment of shapes and sizes that add colorful beauty and vibrancy to India. Some popular summer flowering plants are discussed here that can be planted easily in the summer season- 


Indoor Plants



This popular flower plant is the perfect choice for every climate in India. The assortment of Marigold flowers varies from light yellow to golden brown. This is a common plant that is exceedingly used for different purposes such as medicinal, religious and flowers pigment can be used for food coloring. Thus, Marigold is better for your garden and can be planted naturally in the summertime.


Marigold Plant



Lotus also is a very famous plant in India.  It is a water plant and accordingly, you can plant it in an artificial pond or water stream in your garden or land. Flowers thrive in bright white and pink color that can take your garden’s beauty to another level. So, whenever you want to beautify your garden naturally in summer then buy these flowering plants online or go to a nursery.


Lotus Plant



This woody summer flower is mostly known as a flower of love, gratitude and passion and much more emotions. The Rose plants need good maintenance; therefore you have to take proper care before summer time to feel the pleasant smell of roses in summer. Rose is available in various colors such are red, white, and yellow that can provide a colorful cheer to your patch.


Rose Plant



Sunflower is the most popular flower plant in India that comes in the summertime and gives a vibrant flourishing to your garden. This flower has a bright yellow color and follows the sun all over the place. Sunflower can survive easily through the extreme point of heat so you need to be careful not to water excessively. Whenever you buy flowering plants online in India or from plants store you should pick this beautiful one.





This flower demands ample sunlight and plenty of room for space to grow perfectly. You don't need to preserve Hibiscus seeds because it has blooming time year to year. Besides, these flowers are considered as the signature flowers of subtropical areas.


Hibiscus Plant



Petunia flowers come in a range of many colors that fill your garden with great brightness in the summertime. Petunias don't require much maintenance to grow. The flowers have red, yellow, pink, white and orange colors. Further, it is the beautiful choice for container gardening.


Petunia Plant



Planting Tulips in your garden you will get only one thing- infinite beauty and splendid assortment of colors. The best thing about this summer plant it flourishes in myriads of shapes and colors. The flowers are available in such colors pink, black, cream, and purple and yellow. So, if you ever want to buy flower plants online in India you should have a choice of this flowering plant.


Tulips Plant



Dahlia is a well-known summer plant and it has beautiful and bright flowers that can make your garden cheered in the summer season. It thrives in various sizes and colors that can give a gorgeous look to container gardening. 


Dahlias Plant


Gloriosa Lily

It is a really wonderful plant for container gardening in the summertime. Gloriosa lily is easy to grow and it is climber so you can cover some empty spot by using it. Besides, it needs a little fertilizer to grow and can thrive in sunlight easily.


Gloriosa Lily Plant




It is one of the topmost summer flowers in India so you should consider this in the list. Daffodils are summer flowers that can be planted indoor/outdoor. Usually, these plants are available in white and yellow colors that can provide a beautiful look inside out.


Daffodils Plant



There is many other summer plants are available in India that can be selected as per your requirements. If you are interested in a large assortment of these plants you can seek online or get a summer plants growing kit which may help you in making charm your garden.

At Natures Buggy, we arrange different varieties of flower plants for sale online in India. You can buy a good range of summer plants from our store; furthermore, you can leverage the maintenance services we deliver anywhere in India. To know further about us please drop a mail at- info@naturesbuggy.com

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