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2 Potted Petunia Flowering Plants

Attracts Birds, Fragrance, Good for Containers, Low Maintenance
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Description for 2 Potted Petunia Flowering Plants

Grown annually the Petunias are the most popular tender perennials that are preferred by one and all due to the various color schemes that the flowers offer in their home. Petunia is originally a South American plant that is closely related to the family of Solanaceae related distinctly to tomatoes, tobacco, potatoes, deadly nightshades, chilli peppers, and cape gooseberries.

Petunias are essentially divided into two groups the Grandiflora and the Multiflora. The Grandiflora petunias have large flowers that are grown best in well-drained containers as well as hanging baskets. This group of flowers should be kept well away from rain as it makes them all the more susceptible to damage by a slight or tremendous downpour.

The other group known as the Multiflora petunias is generally smaller but has an abundant number of flowers growing in the relevant season. It is quite ideal for creating a memorable picture for summer bedding and is ideal to create a mixed group of a lovely colorful plantation. It is another added benefit that this group of petunias is more tolerant to the weather wetness.

You can grow petunias from seeds, but it is definitely better to get them as liver transplants. If you want to go and grow the plant from seeds but be prepared to invest a long time. It starts with you planting the seeds indoors for 10 to 12 weeks prior to putting them outside.

The Petunia seeds are extremely small and you need a lot of light just to germinate. You have to remember to water them daily. That is not all, once the plant has a total of three leaves you have to plant it outside. With so many details you are better off buying live one or two potted plants.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height


Multiple but mainly lavender and red

Spring, Fall, Summer

4 to 6 inches


Plant And Care






Thrives well in full sunlight but for places that have a higher temperature, you can keep it in the area of a partial shade.

Well-drained yet slightly moist soil 
Not very regularly

Petunia seeds require 700F to 800F to germinate and the plants require 600F to survive and grow

High-phosphorus fertilizer to be used in early and mid-summer improving the vitality and bloom of the plant.


•  Petunias are great indoor plants and are more than a fit for your office or homes.  
•  You can hang them in one pot or multi-tier pots. You can also hang them side by side with and wake up to the visual of a great bloom. There is nothing more attractive than 2 Potted Petunia Flowering Plants hanging by the shingles or windows.
•  Other than sweeping droughts there is no reason for them to die if not received a little water in a week or maximum 10 days.
•  It would be good to fertilize the Petunias on a monthly basis to guarantee growth.
•  Removing faded or dead Petunias flowers are necessary to prolong the blooming of the plant.y hardy in nature, it requires needs to be treated with care.