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Hibiscus Live Plant

This plant is a breed of flowering plants and its species are popular for their attractive flowers.
₹ 289.00

Red Rose Live Plant

The red rose is the symbol of love. People admire the beauty of roses. This red rose flower is gorgeous to look and surround your lawn with a beautiful fragrance.
₹ 309.00

Pentas Pink - Lanceolata, Starcluster Live Plant

If this is not enough to get you to buy the plant then you would only be the one who is missing out. This is because Pentas Pink is one of our best selling plants and a customer favorite.
₹ 359.00

Tecoma Orange Live Plant / Cape honeysuckle

Come to a vast selection of Tecoma plants and find one that will thrive in your indoor/outdoor landscape. Now, you can start planting Tecoma to add some flair in the future.
₹ 289.00