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Adenium Pink Live Plant

A beautiful plant perfect for the indoors.
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Description for Adenium (Pink, Double Shaded)

A beautiful plant perfect for the indoors, Adenium is primarily found in temperate regions. It just cannot be considered as an outdoor plant as it will not be able to soak up the heat and the environment. It is preferably grown in temperate regions indoors making sure the conditions remain just perfect for the plant’s survival.

The plants are highly popular for their gorgeous flowers which is surely very pleasing to the eyes. They are also very much known for their unusually thick caudices. As they are not an outdoor plant, they can be nourished and grown indoors for a long time period. Adeniums are most of the time used for bonsai.

These succulent plants can be grown and taken care with any form of difficulties. They are more commonly referred to as a Desert Rose and when taken care of properly, they will please you with their unusual shape and astounding pure white to red flowers.

These beautiful looking plants, when purchased from a shop, are most probably grown with the use of seed. Adenium plants if get the perfect conditions for the survival, they will not only grow fast but help you with an amazing appearance to become the ideal home decor.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height

Desert Rose

Pink, Double Shaded. It tends to bloom all year round. The height varies from 2 to 7 inches and the shape of the plant is oval.


Plant And Care

You can plant them on the ground for the best results or you can also make them grow on big containers around 8 inch or more.






Full sun

The coarse potting mix of good quality is a must for the plant. The mixture of 55 rock, 65% perlite, 5% sand and 20% topsoil with a small quantity of peat or coir is just perfect for Adenium to grow. Make sure that fertilizer is not used for two to three months. And you also need to keep in mind to keep the rocks of around 3 inches as it is going to help in the drainage procedure. So, keep on using the respective mixture as the topsoil helps the root to grow.
You need to water the adenium plants more than 2 to 3 times a week. 

Make sure to keep them under 95 degrees F.

There are many people who grow adenium plants without the use of fertilizers and the results are just great. During the time of flowering, you must not fertilize it because it will make the flowers fall. You need to water them more than regular count after a month because it enters another cycle.


●  Keep watering regularly, even during the time of winters.

●  You can grow them as an outdoor plant if the temperature remains above 40.

●  Keep the adenium plant indoors during the time of winter.

Special features

●  You can keep with the AC on.
●  Chance of more flowers blooming increases with the sunlight
●  As the plants are very hardy in nature, it requires needs to be treated with care.


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