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African marigold (Yellow) Plant

Plant is wonderfully easy to grow; it tolerates just about every indoor condition.
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Description for Marigold Yellow Plant

Marigold plants are sturdy annual plant and are mainly grown outdoor for a lush green ambience in the garden. The flowers are popularly known as “herb of the sun” throughout the continent. Globe-shaped, the flowers can grow till 5 inches, and some of these flowers also grow perennially. They are furthermore divided into four simple categories based on their features, French marigolds, African Marigolds, Signet Marigolds, and Triploid marigolds. African marigolds are known to grown till 3 feet.  

Their scientific name is Tagetes and is widely available in a range of colours like yellow, orange, gold, green, and apricot. They are known to have first grown in Spain, while others believe that they are of Mexico origin. Since the flowers are comparatively easy to grow back from the seeds, they are a common sight. Historically, they have their own place of importance for possessing magical flowers, which further triggered their growth. Their leaves are pale green in appearance and are known to have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory elements. The herbs are readily found in North America.

In Spain, marigolds are known as Flos Africanus, however today there are a number of hybrids of Marigold flower available in different parts of the world. The hybrids are usually two-toned flowers with a delicate and fine appearance about them. 

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height




Spring (May-August)

6 inches- 3 feet

Mites and aphids.


Planting And Care







The pH balance should be kept neutral for these flourish to blossom, soil type may vary from, clay, loamy and sandy. Ensure that the soil is fertile and drained thoroughly before planting the saplings. The plants would extend healthily outdoor with the aid of a full sunshine.

The flowers can continue healthy growth even under hot and dry conditions. Extra care should be taken while watering because it is advised not to water them from overhead, it should always be done from the base of the plant.

70-75 C

Liquid fertilizer is best for the plants’ growth and care provided the quality of the soil is poor. Application of mulch is also recommendable for these plants.  

A calculated dosage of insecticidal soap, for twice or thrice a week can help fight back the pests which hinder flowers’ growth, especially noticeable during the flowering period. It might also catch fungal infection under severe moisture or water. A sprinkling of Phosphamidon or Dimethoate can also be considered as suitable options. 

Special Features

• Marigold tea is well-known for curing severe gastritis, acidity, stomach ulcers, and even menstrual cramps. Ideally, they are also used during winter for sore throats and fever. 
• The flowers are woven together in a round pattern and are used for sacred offerings, pot decorations or during prestigious ceremonies like wedding, or orientation. 
• The flowers are prescribed to treat skin inflammation and slow-healing wounds and in other topical treatments.

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