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Aloe Vera Live Plant

Aloe Vera, there is no better alternative for the useful yet decorative plant.
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Description for Aloe Vera Live Plant

Aloe Vera belongs to the genus of Aloe that is an evergreen perennial. The succulent plant originates from the Arabian Peninsula growing wildly in the tropical climates all around the world. The best part of the plant being that it can also be used for decorative purpose, as well. It is one of the best plants to be kept indoors because of its multi-purpose employment. It is famous for its herbal properties as well as for its medicinal and agricultural use. 

•  Aloe Vera, a clump-forming plant is a flashy arrangement of grey-green leaves that can be anywhere with long or short stems.
•  It can be planted and placed both indoors and outdoors, as well. It can be placed in a pot and hanged as well.
•  It can grow up to 3 feet.
•  It has to be acquired from the plant and applied on your face daily to see visible results within a week.
•  The herb contains polysaccharides and gibberellins that enhance the healing process.
•  Fresh Aloe pulp applied on the face can restore your youthful looking fresh skin.
•  It kills germs and keeps your face pimple free and clean.
•  Fresh Aloe can be applied to your hair as provides great conditioning and cures hair-fall.
• Aloe pulp has a soothing effect when applied externally on the skin for cuts, wounds, and burns. 
•  Aloe Vera lives for at least 3 years.
•  It stores food and water in the customized stem.
•  The Aloe Vera leaves are fleshy and thick with white spots on the surface of the stem.
•  The leaves of Aloe Vera are of green or grey-green.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time

Chinese Aloe, True Aloe, Indian Aloe, Burn Aloe, Barbados Aloe

Yellow Summer


Plant And Care






Full sunlight along with fractional shade

Well-drained soil along with sandy potting

Less Hydration

500F to 600F   

Any organic fertilizer for mixing perlite and sand with regular potting soil


For Aloe Vera, it is absolutely necessary to be kept in a well-drained pot that must be placed in a bright and sunny spot. Aloe Vera makes great indoor plants are more than a fit for your homes and make a great addition to your office.

Another great detail that comes in when one has to grow Aloe Vera plant is to water it accurately. The most important part is that the soil of the plant must get dried completely after being watered. With the Aloe Vera plant when it is being watered, the soil has to be thoroughly drenched. But there is a twist with the water being allowed to drain properly through the soil.

It is one of the top reasons for Aloe Vera plant to die if the owners of the plant water too often without allowing it to drain. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of the for Aloe Vera plant make sure to avoid this mistake at all times.

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