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Areca Palm Live Plant

Beautiful leaves and the perfect plant for home decoration.
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Description for Areca Palm

The Areca Palm is known for being a very appealing indoor plant all over the world. The respective plant is also called as Dypsis lutescens or Chrysalidocarpus lutescens. Areca Palm is exclusively considered to be one of the easiest palm trees in the world to be grown as an indoor plant. They are also acknowledged as golden cane palm and yellow butterfly palm because of the beautiful color and pattern which makes it the perfect piece to have for the home decor.

The mixture of yellow-green color certainly makes Areca Palm very much appealing to the eye and a MUST to be indoors for the decor purpose. The amazing texture makes it look like a beautiful butterfly which will certainly give an exceptional feel to your space. The foliage of the Areca Palm is evergreen with the texture. Around 7 to 8 leaves which are pale green in color gives a unique to the plant. Areca Palm is approximately 8 feet in height and has around 90 to 100 leaflets. If Areca Palm is absorbing enough light then the color becomes yellow and the height stretches to around 2 feet more.

Areca Palm will give your indoor space a very much tropical feel with its fronds which are graceful and feather-shaped, enough to keep you amused all day long. The beautiful plants are considered to be perfect for screened patios.

Common name

Flower colors

Bloom time



They are commonly preferred as Butterfly Palm, Areca Palm, Madagascar Palm, Golden Cane Palm


In the time of early summer or late spring

Around 7 to 8 feet

Not much difficult to grow

Planting and Care

With the use of the seeds, Areca Palms are propagated. The process involves the separation of the suckers at the bottom of the fully grown plant.






Full-partial sunlight

The soils preferred for Areca Palms are Loamy, Chalky, Sandy soil. The soil needs to be moist with good drainage.

Regular watering

Approx 20 to 30 degree C

It is very crucial to keep on using a palm fertilizer which is exclusively comprised of all different types of micronutrients and extra manganese and potassium.


Caring for Areca Palm

●  Areca Palm is very much chemical sensitive, so, their exposure to aerosol sprays will certainly be very harmful to them as the chances of getting damaged become more.

●  You must acknowledge that the Areca Palm requires soil-based potting. You must make sure that they are not unnecessarily re-potted.

●  It is to be noted that you need to allow the roots to grow well in the pot as this will only make the Areca Palm grow at its best

●  Before using insecticides on them, you need to make sure the respective pest is perfectly suited to them.

Special features

●  A very much exotic looking plan.

●  Areca Palm is very much one of the best indoor plants on sale today.

●  Areca Plants are certainly one of the most useful palms all around the world.

●  Areca Palm, when grown outdoors, can record up to 25 feet height.

●  It can reach up to 8 feet in terms of height, depending upon the conditions it gets.

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