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Asparagus Meyeri - Foxtail Fern Live Plant \ Foxtail Fern Live Plant

The beautiful white color flowers are mesmerizing to the eyes and are deliberate as the perfect outdoor plants.
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Description for Asparagus Meyeri 

Asparagus Meyeri or garden Asparagus Meyeri is a beautiful plant with a lot of benefits. The scientific name of the Asparagus Meyeri is Asparagus Officinalis. With lots of common names, this plant is very much popular as Shatavari, Foxtail Ferns, and Tail Asparagus. They are also acknowledged as a spring vegetable.

They are gorgeous flowering plant species in the breed of Asparagus Meyeri. The beautiful white color flowers are very much pleasing to the eyes and are considered as the perfect outdoor plants. There are many specific conditions which need to meet to properly nourish the respective plant and maintaining that will certainly be very much rewarding. Asparagus Meyeri can be used as norm medicine in the house for a number of causes. It helps in dealing with the heart-related problems and helps you fight anti-aging issues. This all-in-one plants will also help you keep your blood sugar normal and will also keep the risk related to type-2 diabetes away. By reducing the chances of getting cancer to be excellent for the skin, there is no reason why you will not love Asparagus Meyeri.

There was a time when Asparagus Meyeri was exclusively considered to belonging to the family of lily. The reason was just like that of Allium species, garlic, and onion but with further studies, it came out they do not belong the family as the Liliaceae plant was categorized with the onion plants being considered to be a part of Amaryllidaceae. With this, the Asparagus Meyeri were now part of Asparagaceae. Asparagus Meyeri is exclusively cultivated in the form of vegetable crop. They are mostly found native to the parts of northern Africa, Europe, and Western Asia.

Common name

Flower colors

Bloom time



The common names are Foxtail Ferns, Asparagus meyeri, Bunny Tails, Cats Tail, Tail Asparagus, Cwebe and Meyersii, Shatavari.


Asparagus meyeri blooms seasonally.

Approximately 3 feet

Can be grown without any difficulty.

Planting and Care

Asparagus is an outdoor plant grown in the season of spring. It is reproduced by seeds. And by digging around 15 cm in depth, the soil needs to be prepared for Asparagus.






It thrives in Partial shade.

Well-drained soil.

Must be watered on a regular basis when its young.

Around 20 to 30 degree C.

The use of organic fertilizer is a must.


Caring for Asparagus Meyeri

●  As Asparagus Meyeri is a big feeder, it is important to remember that fertilizers need to be enforced during the time mid-spring.
● In the early time, it is very important to make sure that Asparagus Meyeri is watered on regular basis.
●  You must cut the plant during the time of mid-spring because it is the time when the plant is actively growing.

Special features

●  Asparagus Meyeri is good for Anti-aging, blood sugar, heart, skin related issues, type-2 diabetes, pregnant women, kidney stones, and digestive health. It also trims the chances of getting cancer.
●  A very appealing foliage.
●  Asparagus Meyeri can be utilized as an ornamental plant.