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Begonia Pink Live Plant

Begonias provide continuous color. They are easy to care for and all grow well in partial shade.
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Description for Begonia Pink Plant

They are often known as wax begonias or bedding begonias produce bright, frilly flowers with attractive foliage. They belong to the family of Begoniaceae which has over 1,800 different species. These are perennial in nature and are considered edible in most countries. Since these plants are a great option for growing in a clustered form, they are cultivated and grown widely. They can be grown both indoor and outdoor, and are available in apricot, rose, pink, red and yellow. Some of them are also prevalent as container plants, a common sight in Central and South America, Mexico as well as South Africa.

Popular as shade plants, there are also varieties of hybrid species of this flower. These flowers are reputed to have their origin in Brazil, although there were previously found in Mexico and in Chinese culture. There is a breed of this flower which grows healthy under the sun. These plants are succulent and therefore their stems can store in water so that they can sustain severe droughts.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height


Pink begonia, Motion



6 to 12 inches.



Planting and Care






To attain best results these flowers should be planted under partial shade, morning sun is perfect for these flowers. Overall they prefer more shade and less harsh rays. Wax begonias are more tolerant of full sun than the other varieties.

The soil should be kept moist albeit not to wet and should be light and rich in texture, peat moss, and compost in order to grow healthy flowers. Mixing organic matter into the soil would also prove fruitful. If they are being grown in pots, it should have adequate holes for the water to drain quickly. 

Watering should be done from every few days, however, from the base in order to prevent fungal diseases and leaf spots. 

65- 70. The flowers can get affected if exposed to long and severe cold conditions. 

Fertilizers should be rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium like 10-10-10 fertilizers. High dosage of nitrogen once a week is good but excess of fertilizers should not be used. 


Proper care should be taken in order to keep at bay pests and diseases like powdery mildew and other rots. Anti-fungal sprays should be applied at the regulated interval to keep the flowers healthy. For pests, insecticidal soaps are widely used for healthy leaves and stems. Pruning should be done at around 3 inches to regenerate their growth, best if they are done with sterilized tools. During severe cold, they can be pruned in fall in case the pots need to be shifted indoor to avoid frost or snows. Furthermore, the tubers should be planted around 8” to 12” apart for them to grow without hindrances. 

Special features

• The flower is extremely useful to get rid of digestive disorders and cold.
• The flowers are also used in several creative ways for home decors.
• They were also used for polishing the blade of swords.

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