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Things To Consider While Thinking About Starting A Vegetable Garden


Are you thinking about having a vegetable garden? Thinking about how it can be done? Don’t worry there is a number of companies to help you with complete guidance on organic farming and rooftop farming in Jaipur. This blog is just the best coincidence for you to have a good know-how on how to start a vegetable garden in your own residence.


Creating a vegetable garden will no doubt give a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction. Organic farming is the best way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. But there are a number of things which needs to be kept in mind while executing it. Thinking about what? We will help you with it, keep on reading.


So, if you are considering starting a vegetable garden, it will require proper planning and a lot of commitment.


At first, it is very important for you to decide what vegetables you would like to grow. It is very important to plan the other stuff accordingly with what you would like to grow in your lawn. Doing proper research will certainly help you attain knowledge. Growing the vegetables which the family consumes on regular basis will certainly be a good idea to start with.


There are a number of vegetables which can be harvested within 1 month and there are few more which takes more than 2 months. As a beginner, it is ideal to start with short-term vegetables.



There are a number of vegetables which exclusively requires four to six hours of direct sun rays. If you have a location which receives six hours of direct sun rays then the place is perfect to start a vegetable garden. 



It is very important to get a location which very near to the water as it will make it easier to water the plants on regular basis. Proper watering is a must for vegetable gardening as it enhances the growth of the plants. 



It is very important to select a region with excellent soil quality. The place must be free of all the stones and debris. But if you are thinking about harvesting the plants in the containers then we will be deciding the soil which needs to be used. 


Well, the budgets can vary from zero to thousands of rupees while harvesting a vegetable garden. Depending upon the containers being used for the vegetable garden will literally have a big impact on the budget related to gardening.



When it comes to seed, you must know that there are two forms of it, and they are hybrid and open-pollinated. The pollinated seeds will help you with the plants with which you can acquire seeds and plant again. But with hybrid plants, you cannot get this feature.

Potting Mix 

When you are planning about vegetable gardening make sure to use a potting mix which is full of nutrition and required support. The mixture is exclusively made of compost and cocopeat in equal proportion. 


While considering vegetable gardening, you need to have a good know-how of fertilizers. There are two types which need to be used for the respective process and they are synthetic and organic. 


Well, it is very important to keep the pests away from the vegetables as it will keep the vegetables healthy and good to eat. 



If you are having the knowledge of the points mentioned then starting a vegetable garden will exclusively become a cake walk for you. For all the plants and seedling you can always knock on the door of Natures Buggy and get the quality product at low rates.

Natures Buggy will help you with setting up your own organic vegetable garden at economical rates. You can contact us anytime whether you need any type of information regarding organic farming or terrace gardening, our professionals are always ready to assist you or you can drop a mail at-

Add Aesthetic Appeal With Different Types Of Vertical Gardens


Are you dreaming about having your own house with a garden in it? Is the limited space of your residence not allowing you to have a garden of your dreams? Do not worry! Vertical Garden might just be the right solution for you! Not only the respective move will help you have your dream garden but also it will give your residence the look which will make everyone stare! There are a number of people considering the Vertical Garden in Jaipur, so, you must not keep your dreams aside rather consider for the vertical ones and help yourself fulfil your dream!


You will find vertical gardens in a number of places like big offices, organizations, airports and several other public places to give the place an amazing aesthetic appeal. Not all Green Walls in Jaipur are same and you will also find a number of unique designs making it very amusing and attractive. These days the trend has become so popular that number house owners are considering for the green walls and making their place eco-friendly.


Vertical garden will surely excite you but it is not that easy to set up. It will require experts help because these are not the same as growing grass on the ground. The experts will install the respective vertical garden just the way you would have liked to. So, they will assess what you are looking for in the vertical garden and according to the respective needs, they will help you with the installation.


Let’s take a good look at the different types of gardening walls.


When it comes to different types of walls for vertical gardens, there are two types which can help you make your residence look absolutely amazing. The two of them are:


Green Walls

There are many of them who consider there is no difference between the two walls. But in reality, there is a big difference which needs to be taken care off.  When it comes to the green wall they only have creepers grew and that too in buildings and towers. They exclusively creep on blocks and pillar giving the property the most desired appearance.



Living Walls

Living green walls will give the plants the freedom to grow and spread all around the walls. The respective process gives the walls an amazing lush green look exclusively forming into dense vertical gardens. You can have the respective living walls as per your specific design and shape. You can connect with the professionals and they will help you with the rest.



Different Designs

These days vertical gardening has exclusively become the rising trend to consider and with a number of different styles and techniques, you will surely give your space the amazing look you are willing to and can transform your living space with vertical garden. You can get in touch with the professionals and they will help you with the designs from which you can choose from and select for your needs.



So, if you are looking to have one living green wall for your space, you just need to ping or email the professionals of Natures Buggy any time and they will help you accordingly at very reasonable rates.

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Organic Vegetables For Your Rooftop Garden

Are you looking to set up a vegetable garden at your rooftop? Great, you have just landed on the most accurate page, you could have asked for! We will help you with a few easy organic veggies which you can consider to grow in the garden. You will find a number of gardens with Organic Vegetables in Jaipur. It’s very much beneficial and also you will be able to have your favorite veggie as per your wish.


Take a look at the vegetables you can consider to grow in your garden:



Who doesn’t like tomatoes? It’s a very popular plant and you can surely consider it for your respective garden. You must choose a sunny and warm spot to grow the respective tomatoes at its best.




You can surely plant onions in your organic vegetable garden and give your salad a very needed delight. You must harvest them during the early part of the season. It is a very popular choice these days to have.



The respective vegetables are very quick in growth and they prefer the cooler climate. The respective veggie can be planted during the time of late summer or even during the spring.



The respective vegetable plant can be grown very easily and they also are very easy in maintenance. They have lots of health-related benefits and you can surely take advantage of it by planting it in your garden.




You can surely consider planting cucumbers after the frost has passed away. You must make sure that there is enough space between the respective plants to grow at their best. With cukes, you can make the pickles all by yourself.




They are a very popular vegetable plant considered these days. It can be grown easily both in a container and also in grass beds. You can plant them during the time of early spring for best results.




This vegetable plant has a number of varieties to choose from and you make sure that they are being kept in shade during the time of the afternoon. They need a lot of water to deliver the best it has and help you with excellent salad feature.



They are very easy to grow and maintain. You can grow them during the time of late spring and the best part is that they grow at a very good speed. You must plant these where they will able to receive the sunlight directly.




This can also be grown very easily. You can surely consider peppers for your organic garden as it is very easy to maintain and also they prefer moist soil for their best growth. You can choose peppers of any size as per your wish. 


To plant this vegetable plant you must choose a sunny spot. It is a great choice to make because it is regularly used during the preparation of vegetables. You can plant them during the time of late spring to receive better results.



Hopefully, you have a better know-how about the vegetables which can be the ideal fix for your Organic Farming in Jaipur. You can always connect with the experts of Natures Buggy for any queries.

Natures Buggy will help you with setup your own rooftop organic garden at economical rates. You can contact us anytime whether you need any type of information regarding organic farming or terrace gardening, our professionals are always ready to assist you or you can drop a mail at-

Ornamental Plants You Must Consider For Your Vertical Garden


Are you considering vertical gardens? Great! It’s an amazing option not for the ones who are having limited space in their home but also for the ones looking to grow different types of plants. The respective vertical gardens are a great solution when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space. With an indoor vertical garden, you also get beautiful ornamental plants which can surely enhance the appeal of your house. There are a number of houses with a Vertical Garden in Jaipur and its surely complete value for money.

If you are confused and unable to decide about the ornamental plants ideal for your vertical garden, then we will help you with it. Below mentioned is a list of 10 ornamental plants which can surely be a delight for your needs:

Sword Fern

The beautiful plants are very common whenever you will find a vertical garden. They are a great choice for the ones looking for an aesthetic appeal on their property. 


Money Plant

It is a very unique plant to have and is very easy to maintain. They can grow without any terms and conditions and will spread all around giving your house the look of a lifetime.

English Ivy

It is a gorgeous looking evergreen plant. You will find Ivy bit hard and it exclusively gets attached to aerial rootlets formed in the respective walls and various other exteriors.  You may consider this for your needs. 

Giant Lilyturf

The respective plants are glossy and have strap-like leaves to attract anyone. You will also like the dark green color and because of which it is very popular these days.




These are very charming ornamental plants which can be taken care of with ease. Their easy maintenance makes them a go-to plant for your residence needs.


Geranium Varieties

The gorgeous looking ornamental plants are very much known for their beautiful appearance. They grow in a burst of scarlet, deep reds, white, pinks, etc. and you will also have the flowers blooming at their best the entire gardening season.

Wedding Vines

As the name suggests, this ornamental plant is tailor-made for decoration. Yes, the beautiful plant is grown vertically and the flowers make these a must-have in your vertical garden.


Peace Lily

The plant is exclusively famous for its fast-growing ability. The gorgeous Peace lily plants will surely give your property the look you would wish for and you will all your money worth with its easy to maintain attribute.


Star Jasmine

They are an evergreen ornamental plant which can surely remove all your confusion. The respective ornamental plant can be easily maintained and surely add a WOW effect to your residence.



English Lavender

Is a perfect choice for your ornamental plant for the vertical garden. It thrives best during the time of summer and is also very beneficial in the terms of medical purposes.



So, hopefully, all your confusion related to vertical plants have been clear and if you are looking for someone to help you purchase one, knock the doors of Natures Buggy now!

Natures Buggy is one of the top landscaping companies in India. We provide various services like Living Green Wall in Jaipur, Terrace Gardening services with appropriate tools and aspects. Furthermore, we also deliver indoor and outdoor plants online at an affordable price across India. Know our advance service features by dropping a mail

What You Will Notice On An Organic Farming?


Organic farming does not only have plants and required tools to harvest, but there is a number of other things you might take into consideration. Well, taking a trip to organic farming will give a good idea of what the respective space has in store for you. Not only you will find organic vegetables in Jaipur farming field, but there many more stuff which literally goes unnoticed but is very much connected when it comes to organic farming.


In this blog, we will help you picture out an organic farm and the things you will find there.  Below mentioned are the five things you will exclusively notice on an organic farm, take a look:


Let’s begin the greenery lovers: Cows

When it comes to farm animals, Cows are very important and plays a very crucial role. Yes, you might be thinking how right? We will explain to you! They produce natural fertilizers which make the farming healthy with the use of dynamic crops and soil. It does not only end here, letting them roam free will control weeds. It will also help them produce healthy milk and ghee with good an organic diet. Overall, when it comes to organic farming you will find cows there for sure!



Healthy Ecosystem 

Yes, when it comes to organic farming it is very important to maintain a healthy environment which can make each and every animal and bird feel welcoming! You will find a lot of butterflies on an organic farm and these beautiful creatures only thrive in the ecosystem which healthy to reside. So, when you take a trip to the organic farm in Jaipur, you will notice a very refreshing environment.



Different Kinds Of Trees 

Conventional farming exclusively supports only one or two crops on their respective region of farming, but when it comes to organic farming it’s completely opposite. As it supports a very healthy environment, a wide range of plants can be harvested, especially tree, because they help farmers to promote more range of crops and also enhance the biodiversity. With the help of tree roots, there will be no problems related to erosion also. So, you will notice a lot of trees while being on an organic farm.




When you are on an organic farm, you surely find weeds down between the plants. The weed exclusively grows there because the farmers are no using any type of chemical pesticides and averting all the goods just to remove the bad. You will find weeds grow in the organic farms so, this point also becomes a must in our list.



Natural Fertilizer 

The organic farm will not have any type of chemical fertilizer in use. You will find the used stuff on the farm exclusively comes directly from the farm itself. This means, more natural fertilizers will come in to notice when it comes to organic farming. With the help of natural fertilizers, the nutrient-rich habitat is created for the creatures living there. So, you will notice natural fertilizers whenever you take a trip to the organic farm.



With this, hopefully, you have an idea about the things you will exclusively notice on an organic farm. It certainly supports a chemical-free farming with terrific health benefits.

Natures Buggy will help you with setting up your own organic garden at economical rates. You can contact us anytime whether you need any type of information regarding organic farming or terrace gardening, our professionals are always ready to assist you or you can drop a mail at-

Transform Your Living Space With Vertical Garden


Are you considering enhancing the look of your living space naturally? There are a number of methods to do it! From installing rooftop gardens to getting herb plants indoors, you can surely make your home look fresh. But one thing which exclusively stands out in terms making a space look WOW is indoor vertical gardens. Yes, you heard it right! It’s very much in trend and you will find a number of homes with a vertical garden in Jaipur. So, you must consider this option to not only give your home a refreshing look but also enhancing the air quality of the surrounding.



In the urban areas, getting a home with the good amount of living space is getting tougher and one just can think to have a garden within. So, it's quite difficult to consider for transforming the look of your home naturally. But these days no options are just an excuse and the time has come for innovation. If there is no space horizontally, you can occupy the space vertically! The use of hanging garden will surely give your home the most innovating look you are looking for! The vertical gardens are a great choice to consider if you are facing the similar problem but desire to transform your home naturally.


Let’s dig in deep and find out how vertical gardens can exclusively bring out the best out of your home:


Vertical Garden: What is it?

Generally, you will see that the gardens are grown horizontally but what if you do not have the space to have a separate garden? Here comes the use of vertical garden which is exclusively planted vertically. This comes into context when the land space is not enough to have a garden.



How Beneficial Are Vertical Garden?

If you have any desire of having a garden but the lack of space is exclusively stopping you from it, then there is no better solution than an indoor vertical garden. Not only it will fulfil your wish of having a lawn in your home but also give your residence a look which you would have never imagined. It will enhance the beauty of your home and give your living space a new definition overall.



How It Will Transform Your Living Space?

If you are thinking about giving your interiors a natural look, then growing vertical garden will surely the best choice. You can easily grow the respective plants easily and give your home the look you desire. It surely matches up with the latest trends and also enhances the overall environment. It will make your property eco-friendly and purify the air around you. The respective vertical garden literally has the capability to add a natural delight to your residence. 



You can surely give your living space a trendy look and make it a centerpiece of attraction with the help of a vertical garden. You can take the assistance of the professionals as they have the experience in helping a number of clients with their respective needs of vertical gardens.

So, what are you waiting for, get your living arena transformed into a natural beauty with the help of vertical garden now!

Natures Buggy is one of the top landscaping companies in India. We provide various services like Living Green Wall in Jaipur, Terrace Gardening services with appropriate tools and aspects. Furthermore, we also deliver indoor and outdoor plants online at an affordable price across India. Know our advance service features by dropping a mail

Rooftop Farming: A Look Into The Future


Are you considering rooftop farming? Well, it’s a great initiative taken by a number of people around the country and rooftop farming in Jaipur is exclusively getting quite trending. There are many reasons leading to this decision and also a lot of benefits making the owners to go green in this way.


Well, this blog will help you acknowledge the factors supporting why rooftop farming is exclusively the future.


When it comes to high-density cities, there is not much space left adequate for farming. But there are a number of firms exclusively taking the responsibility and starting with rooftop farming. It’s quite an interesting and fresh concept and one can surely benefit a lot from it.


Thinking how? Let’s take a look:


Keeps You Calm

The fact that as you are staying in a city, can literally pile up a lot of stress on your head because of the regular routine you follow to work. But with the help of the rooftop farm, you will get a great opportunity to take a breather and escape from the city life. Watching your plant grow can literally make you feel much fresher and certainly reduce your stress big time. The rooftop greenery will certainly give you the energy to deal with all the troubles with a positive approach.



Get Your Favorite Organic Vegetables

The most enticing benefit of rooftop farming is you can have your favorite vegetable garden harvested right on the terrace. Not only it will help you have your favorite vegetable but also save you a lot of money as its quite expensive also these days. So, with rooftop gardening, you get an opportunity to grow the vegetable you would like to have. The biggest benefit of it is that it is completely chemical-free which causes no harm to your health. 



No Air Pollution

Well, everyone knows how greenery helps in purifying the air quality. They will exclusively take in the carbon dioxide and release more oxygen which can surely make the air quality of your property much fresh and healthy. While staying in a city it is a big problem and rooftop farming is surely a great option to have to deal with it. It will certainly prove to be beneficial and kill lots of health-related problems by rejuvenating the air completely.


Cooler Temperature

Due to global warming, the temperatures are soaring high in the city but with rooftop farming, you will get an option to cool off the temperature of your property. During the time of summer, the terrace literally soaks up all the heat and makes the surrounding very tough to survive. But with a rooftop garden, the greenery will soak up the heat and in return will make the surrounding cooler and much easier to reside in. It will surely help you remain fit and also save you money by reducing your electricity bills.


Increase In Property Value 

The aesthetic value of the greenery surely cannot be ignored. Most of the buildings in the city are quite boring or plain, so when rooftop farming is infused in the building, it not only gives them a refreshing look, it also enhances their value for sure. With the improvement in efficiency and aesthetic value, the overall property value will certainly get a boost.


This show why gardening on the rooftop is the future and how will it help you survive the heat of the city!

Natures Buggy will help you with setup your own rooftop organic garden at economical rates. You can contact us anytime whether you need any type of information regarding organic farming or terrace gardening, our professionals are always ready to assist you or you can drop a mail at-



Well, who does not like seeing healthy plants with flowers in their garden? It not only makes one happy but also keeps the environment very much satisfying. These days one can easily buy gardening plants online and make their garden look amazing. There is a number of nursery plants online companies to help you with quality plants which can certainly change the way your garden looks. And the best about the nursery plants online India companies is that the plants are available at your doorstep at very economical rates.

But there might be a situation where you are continuously taking good care of the specific plant and still the response is pretty poor. The plant is not healthy enough after so much concern is certainly raising a lot of questions!

You might be thinking of the number of reason which might be affecting your plant which might be the reason behind them not flowering and they being unhealthy. It is way more than the pests causing big problems.




Take a look at some of the reasons which might be the cause of the problems keeping the plant sick and unhealthy:



It is very important for you to know that the plant you are purchasing is good enough to survive in the conditions you have at your place. You need to purchase plant which is healthy enough to last long at the conditions you have for them to flourish.  So, if there are any problems related to stem, leaf, or flower you must acknowledge it thoroughly and go for the action immediately.



Quality of the Soil

When it comes to the overall health of the plants in the lawn, the most important factor behind it can be the quality of the soil in which it is harvested. Most of the plants require nutrient rich, well-drained soil which can help the respective plants to flourish at its best.



As stated above, plants always thrive well in the nutrient-rich soil which exclusively keeps them healthy and also make the chances of growing beautiful flowers even more. Just like humans, it also very important for plants to have good food for their healthy life. And nutrients can certainly help them flourish.




As everyone knows that it is quite difficult to survive without water but there is a number of plants which deal differently. Overwatering during the winter season or irregular watering during the active season can be the reason for the plants being sick and unable to flourish.



It is very important for plants to attain sunlight of around 4 to 5 hours or even more. And if it does not match up to the expectation, then the chance of the plants falling sick certainly becomes more.  The primary reason behind the need for light is photosynthesis.




When it comes to blooming, temperature plays a major role in it and at high temperature, the chances blooming literally becomes very poor. It literally is according to the need of the specific plants.




There might be a possibility that all the conditions are just perfect as per the needs of the plants and but still it is unhealthy. The reason might be the bug attack. So, it needs to be checked on a regular basis to keep the bugs away which will certainly enhance the growth of the flower!



So, if you are looking to buy gardening plants online, connect with the professionals of Natures Buggy now! They will help you with healthy plants and that too at very reasonable rates. You can contact us anytime whether you need any type of information as regards to gardening plants and services. Please mail at-

An Orange a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!


Who does not like oranges? The sweet and enticing taste has literally a charm to appeal to anyone. They are exclusively the most consumed fruits all across the plant. The fruit is exclusively filled with nutrients and is distributed widely all around the year. You will get different kinds of oranges at different locations. But how different they were, the benefits of the orange plant is certainly very common and very much healthy. The primary thing about the oranges is the proportion of vitamin C which is literally very beneficial for our health.



The best thing these days is that one purchase fruit plants online India. There are a number of companies to help you online fruit plant nursery services with which you can certainly get the opportunity to have oranges in your residence. 

Orange is not only the source of Vitamin-C but it will also help you with a lot of other vitamins and minerals which certainly prove to be a lot beneficial when it comes to the health of our body.



Take a look at the health benefits one gets from the Oranges:

● The oranges play a very important role in the repairing and preventing sperms from being damaged. So, it becomes very important for one to keep on consuming the oranges on regular basis. It will certainly keep the sperms healthy and the primary reason behind it is because of Vitamin C.
● For protection against infection, there is nothing better than the oranges and it will help you with remain safe with the disease can literally damage your body system. The vitamin C will certainly make the digestive system stronger and better to help you survive against the diseases which can be very harmful to your body.
● Oranges are a great source for you to fight skin ageing. The vitamins and minerals present in the respective fruit certainly help the skin to remain as healthy as possible. You must eat fresh oranges or have juices to defy the skin ageing. The collagen in the respective fruit literally helps you look young and have a glowing skin. You will remain completely free of pimples and wrinkles with regular consumption of oranges.
● Oranges will prevent you from the Kidney Stones development. With help of oranges, the formation of calcium oxalate is literally stopped. And as it is stopped, the growth of the kidney stone is also blocked. So, it is very important for you to have oranges on regular basis, if you have kidney stones or if you do not want them to grow.
● Oranges are exclusively very beneficial for your eyes. To keep eye’s mucous membrane is good enough, you need to have orange on daily basis. The fruit has all the ingredients which will keep your at its prime best, help you with clear and healthy vision.
● Oranges will also help you with brain functions which will keep you focused and also help you with good memory with the age. Because the fruit is infused with Vitamin B9 it will help you acquire cognitive skills very precisely.
● Oranges are very good for hairs as regular consumption of it will boost the growth of the hairs and also keep it healthy.
● Oranges will also help you fight against the deadliest disease of Cancer. From keeping your mind and body healthy it will trim away the root of the development of cancer in the body.



So, if you are looking for Orange fruit plants online, then you can certainly connect with us through and buy fruit plants at very reasonable rates.

Natures Buggy will help you with it by helping get the most beautiful plant at the most economical rates. Connect now! You can contact us anytime whether you need any type of information as regards to gardening plants and services. Please mail at-

Bid Adieu to Stress with Gardening

In today’s world, you just need to name a task and there will be stress associated with. From the homework task of class 5 students to regular office-work, everything makes a person stressed and literally the health gets to take a toll on it. But do not worry, this blog will help you fight stress in the best possible way.

Gardening is the answer to all your stressful circumstances. Preparing a beautiful garden with amazing looking plants will certainly help you relieve your stress. You can buy natural plants online these days and plant a garden to deal with the work pressure. From having to a small lawn to big garden, decorating it will certainly give you a sense of relief from regular of work and its related mental stress.



Thinking How? We will make you believe!

In one research, it has shown that once a person was asked to perform a stressful task for around half hour and then just after that, the same person will be asked to work on gardening tasks for next half hour. As a result, it was noticed that the same person felt a lot better while performing the gardening task. The stress level was reduced to great levels and in fact, their mood changed completely. They were much more positive and confident. This shows how gardening can change within just 30 minutes. The stress hormone literally takes a back seat while gardening.



There are many impactful reasons which make a person feel better while gardening. Reading is also one of the stress relief exercises but when it comes to gardening its unique and complete changes the way a person thinks and also the mood. It certainly has to be given more time so that the rest of the work can be performed without any sort of negativity. You might be thinking what might be leading gardening to reduce stress, well, there is a number of aspects, let’s take a look:


Sunlight: You might think about how the rays of the sun can help you feel less burden, but it can literally change your mood and make you feel much more active. The source of Vitamin D with fresh air is certainly a delight to have which will change the way you go about your business. Gardening will certainly let you have a lot of sunlight.



Natural Impact: Nature’s beauty certainly helps you feel rejuvenated and refreshing and this certainly act as one of the best ways to relieve the stress. Spending time indoors will certainly fill your head with a lot of stuff and the beauty of nature will let it go and make you feel better and healthy.


Creativity: Working on creative things is a great way to feel better and gardening is certainly a very creative thing one can do. You can buy natural plants online with unique looks and colour which can make your garden look classy and at its best.




So What Are You Waiting For?

So, if you are depressed or stressed, you must purchase or buy natural plants online and begin gardening now. Not only it will help you fight with the stress but also give an amazing look to your surroundings.

Natures Buggy will help you with it by helping get the most beautiful plant at the most economical rates. Connect now! You can contact us anytime whether you need any type of information as regards to gardening plants and services. Please mail at-