Liven Up Your Boring Office Desk With These Top Plants

By Muskaan Sharma - September 28, 2017

Plants for office desks

We spend almost half of hour day at our workplaces, and a lot of work pressure often leads to stress, tiredness and sometimes even depression. Offices who are well aware of the connection plants and stress have often opted for Gardening Services Online in India, in order to make their office both beautiful and relaxing.

But what about those dull and boring workstations they are still the cause of a lot of stress. Thus, it is suggested to Buy Plants Online in India and decorate your office desks with those pretty little green bunches. Below mentioned is a list of some plants that can be used to liven up your office desks, have a look:


Syngonium plant is one of the best choices for people who are very busy with their work but are additionally fond of plants. Offered in nearly 6 to 7 shade variations this plant is a good option for decorative purposes. Moreover, this plant is grown in organic manure instead of regular plant soils as the organic manure is very light in weight and highly rich in nutrients as compared to the regular plant soil, additionally due to organic manure this plant needs to be watered and kept in sunlight just once a week, making it a low-maintenance plant. This plant works in great ways to purify the environmental air.

Chlorophytum (Spider Plant)

Chlorophytum, which is commonly known as the Spider plant is recognized as one of the best indoor plants as this plant can easily tolerate harsh conditions too.  Spiders plants are known as one of the low-maintenance plants, as they do not require a lot of time, care and attention and are capable of blooming well even amid very harsh conditions. This plant has dark green leaves, with white margins, and is well known as a great air purifying plant.


Philodendron is best known for the beautiful leaves it has, the leaves of this plant are fast growing and have a very attractive red foliage. This plant is additionally a low maintenance plant just like other indoor plants, it needs a bright exposure to the light but it should not be direct and as far as the water requirements of this plant are considered then it needs to be watered only when the soil dries up completely.

Golden Pothos (Money Plant)

A very common houseplant which can be found almost in every house, the Golden pothos knew as the money plant can also be used to liven up your office desk. The plant is known for the beautiful texture of its eaves. Moreover, this plant is easy to maintain the plant, as it needs to be kept in sunlight only once a week and needs to be watered only when the soil it has been planted in begins drying up. Money plant is a great option for planting in the office as they not only purify the air by removing toxins from the air but also produces oxygen.

Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

The sansevieria plant which is called as the Snake plant is a well-known indoor plant due to its low maintenance properties. They are offered in three varieties, straight, golden and green. They have hard textured leaves which makes them a good option for planting. Moreover, this plant is known to produce oxygen even at night, thus, purifying the environmental air even at night.


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