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Boston Fern Live Plant

Plant is wonderfully easy to grow
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Description for Boston Fern 

Beautiful outdoor plant highly popular for developing dense monocultures perfectly defines Boston fern. This plant is exclusively considered to be an invasive plant with appealing seriousness. The height of the plant varies from approximately 20 inches to 98 inches (50 cm to 250 cm) and it measures around 2 inches to 6 inches ( 6 cm to 15 cm) broad. It has a number of benefits adored within itself as it has the tufted clusters growing from the rhizomes slayed in the ground below.

The leaflets of the plants are approximately around 1 inch to 3 inches (2 cm to 8 cm) in length and they exclusively appear shallowly toothed. The leaflets of the Boston ferns are not further divided and you will also be able to acknowledge the pattern of pinnate veins in these leaves which are extremely highly compounded.

On the underside of the pinnae, you will find around sori, which are exclusively in two rows just by the side of margins. At first, the fronds will grow and then it will move downward gracefully. You will find them appearing extremely beautiful in the shape of the arching rosette and exclusively runners spread all over.

Common name



The most preferred common names of Boston fern are Golden Fern, Nephrolepis exaltata, Golden Boston fern, Pivla Fern, Boston sword fern, sword fern, tuber ladder fern, wild fishbone fern, or Boston fern.

Approximately up to 3-4 feet.

It's not very challenging to grow.

Planting and Care

Boston fern is extremely favored outdoor plants which also serves as an exceptional houseplant. Though it is very important that is fed with filtered, bright light and warm air.

Boston fern is completely comfortable in the times of drought among the other cultivated ferns. It perfectly thrives exceptionally well in the times of warm and humid temperature. So, when you are using Boston fern as a houseplant make sure that the surrounding humidity is less than 80%. 






It thrives in around full to partial sunlight.

The soil needs to be supportive of a good drainage system which is rich in humus and also kept moist. 

You do not need to water it on regular basis.

It strives exceptional at the temperature around 20 to 35 degree C.

During the time of growth, Liquid fertilizer must be used on a monthly basis.


Caring for Boston Fern

●  Boston ferns can be grown both as an indoor and outdoor plants. The plants require a lot of areas so that they can grow their fronds with ease.
●  If you want to ensure the growth is symmetrical you need to rotate the plant on regular basis.
●  You need to remove any insufficiently long fronds which are also segmented in their appearance.

●  The Boston ferns will exclusively take over the plant If they are allowed to survive.
●  The Boston fern requires humidity level height and that too with the regular misting. You also need to place the moist pebbles under the pot. And if possible do use trepid soft water.

Special features

●  They have appealing foliage.
●  The color of the heavy fronds is solid chartreuse yellow which makes them appealing enough as a hanging basket.

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