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Bougainvillea Red Live Plant

Bougainvillea Red Plant is ideal for indoors as well as out and it's not much need of water makes it a favorite of the most forgetful owner.
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Description for Bougainvillea Red Plant

Bougainvillea placed at the end of a driveway or just the side of the garden would uplift their mood for good. It is one of the best plants to have indoors offering to brighten the place with their bright colors. It is mainly used in outdoors but if you put it in a little pot you can enjoy a spot of brightness right by your side. With Bougainvillea there is really no limit in what you are supposed to do and is relatively easy to grow.

Bougainvillea belongs to a family genus of thorny bushes, ornamental vines, and decorative trees. It features spring flower-like leaves which also extends to its leaf-like flowers. The Bougainvilleas are dresses your garden with beautiful, bright bracts with specialized leaves that contains the flower of the plant. Bougainvillea is a semi-climber that can grow as a shrub, a hedge, or as a climber to spread over the garden wall and can also be kept in pots.

The best part of a Bougainvillea is the ornamental use of the plant that can be used for various purposes at about anywhere in and around your house. Bougainvillea plants have always been the most loved addition in each and every home and gardens. It is one of the best plants to decorate your outer walls. It is certainly possible to train a Bougainvillea plant to climb the trellises. It can also be planted as a striking yet impenetrable fence that works well as a groundcover.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height

Paper Flower, Bugambilia, Buganvilla, Booganbe

Red It is basically evergreen and can happily sustain in a place with round the year rainfall and in the dry season as well. 19 to 29 inches


Plant And Care






Un-Moderated full sunshine

Sandy Soil that is well-drained and dry

Moderate in the summer and even less in the cooler months of winter is ideal. For plants that are kept indoors, the water modulation would remain the same but you just have to ensure that the solid is dry before watering the plant in summer.

Up to 290C

It is high phosphorus infused with micronutrients like magnesium and additional iron. It is mainly because mature plants are extremely heavy feeders. The plants grow well with smaller amounts of nutrients if made constantly available for them.


•  For a great blooming, the plant would need an uninterrupted minimum of 5 hours every day in full sunlight but more time is certainly welcome. 
•  While more hours under the sun is better but anything less than 5 hours would result in the plant not blooming at all. 
•  Be extremely mindful of the shades as though the plant would thrive in full shade or partial shade it would not have any notable growth or bloom.


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