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Celery Natural Live Plant

Celery Natural Live Plant is easier to maintain than its seeds hence it would be a better idea to nurture it rather than taking on the hassle of germinating seeds.
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Description for Celery Natural Plant

If you love a good salad then it makes more sense to grow your own vegetables than buy them from any local market. It is because the most organic of the commercial farm grown vegetables is laden with pesticide. Celery is one of the most nutritional of vegetables that are grown season long. While it is best to go through the entire process of sowing and harvesting the celery but in the current time shortage growing a Celery Natural Live Plant is the best option for most.

Other than being crunchy and flavorful the Celery is one of the fussiest of vegetable to be grown at your home. The thing that is necessary to be mindful of when you are growing celery is to make sure that the plant is never pot bound. Please remember that celery is a wetland plant hence you have to ensure that the soil in which it is kept it would not be dry out completely. It has to be kept moist all cost as otherwise; you would end up with the bitter and stringy stems.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height

Apium graveolens


June to October

6 to 8 inches


Planting And Care






Full sunlight

Filled With Hydration 


Consistent 120 days of daytime 600F and at least a moderate temperature of 50°F during the night.

Rich Organic Soil


•  Celery must be Grow under the full sun.
•  Celery grows under the most moisture-retentive soil that is equally well-drained with the extremely rich organic matter.
•  Celery if grown from seeds would present a bigger trouble for everyone as the small seeds are extremely slow and take 4 weeks in the least to germinate.
•  You would also have to be mindful of planting celery on an average date of spring.
•  Consistent 120 days of daytime 600F and at least a moderate temperature of 50°F during the night
•  But if you are set to grow the crop on fall crop, harvest celery in late summer.
•  Celery needs rich organic soil to grow as it pleases.
•  But it is not all you would require to prep the planting beds with aged compost of 2 to 4 inches.
•  You can work the soil filled with compost that is in total 12 inches deep
•  Remember Celery requires even as well as consistent watering
•  If you wish for better results employ a soaker hose or drip irrigation
•  Keep an eye out for ensuring that the celery does not dry out in the growing season.
•  If the temperature drops below 50°F then put row covers on celery to protect them
•  Begin the harvest when celery stalks reach the height of 6 to 8 inches.
•  If you cut just the outer stalks then you would enable the plants to continue to produce newer stalks.