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Croton Golden Dust Live Plant

If you wish to decorate your home in the easiest of ways then getting the Croton Golden Dust Live Plant should be the choice that you would never regret.
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Description for Croton Golden Dust Plant

One of the best choices made by anyone who wishes to add foliage to your house is getting the Croton Golden Dust Live Plant. It is one of the boldest picks of houseplants that you can make around your home. The main reason for it is that the appeal of the croton plant would be growing by each year with the brilliant hues becoming all the more appealing with each passing day.

The best reason why crotons should never be overlooked is that of their colorful foliage. The boldly marked colors of red, orange, yellow and sometimes black does a great work in providing your space with the most exotic décor in your interiors. Without much of a color, your office space, dining rooms, living areas, etc. would look more appealing to the onlooker thanks to the wonderful foliage that helps you in more ways than one to energize your room.

The Croton Golden Dust Plant is one of our most popular plants that are flying of our shelves into your home each month. It is very popular or its colorful foliage and easy to maintain features. Not only is it the best ornamental addition to your home but it can be grown in a pot. The fact that it is easy to maintain just about anywhere is an added bonus that along with the fact that the Colorful foliage is one of the greatest purifiers of air.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height

Garden croton, Joseph's Coat

NA NA Up to 5 - 8 inches


Plant And Care






Natural or artificial bright light

Sandy loamy

Medium water needs

25-350 C

Any liquid fertilizer would do.


•  Croton Golden Dust is a tropical plant that thrives in growing outdoors in warm regions.
•  While any liquid fertilizer would do the employment of a mixture of peat moss and organic compost.
•  For the Croton Golden Dust to flourish you need to ensure that you water the plant thoroughly but also allow the soil to dry out in between watering, but not totally dry out to maintain its health.
•  Another thing to remember is that the Croton Golden Dust requires high humidity in the atmosphere to survive.
•  While a Mist daily would certainly make matters easy for you but spraying water on the leaves rather than watering the roots daily works too.
•  Other than sandy and loamy soil the Croton Golden Dust is more than capable of stand tall on a tray filled with wet pebbles.
•  There is a process of feed the fertilizer too. Just a meal of a balanced liquid fertilizer watered down by half is not enough.
•  While it should not be done very often but feeding it in every 2 weeks during early spring throughout the summer is a great idea that ensures great growth in the plant.