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Croton Live Plant

This thick Indoor Plant with leathery leaves of varying colours comes in various shapes and sizes but turns multiple shades darker as it ages.
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Description for Croton

Croton is a perennial evergreen shrub, scientifically known as Codiaeum variegatum. It is found in abundance in India and Malaysia.  This thick Indoor Plant with leathery leaves of varying colours comes in various shapes and sizes but turns multiple shades darker as it ages. It is surprisingly easy to maintain. Just put it in a small flowerpot and you can station it just about anywhere in your home.

Croton is an indoor plant with an assortment of shapes and different colours. The variegated leaves of the plant come in green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. It is one of the best adoration pieces that you can put in, indoors. These plants were originally natives of Indonesia hence they thrive in the warm temperatures or climates. If you wish to liven your housing environment Croton is the go-to plant!

In fact, the shrub is the most common choice of decoration pieces at hotels, restaurants, conference rooms and shopping malls. By adding Croton the decorators add a bit of colour in every boring corner of their projects. Not only big office places the shrub proves to be great adoration pieces at any home.

Scientific Name

Plant Colors



Codiaeum Variegatum

Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, and Yellow

3 and 8 feet.

A bit but very rewarding.

Planting and Care

Crotons are needed to be kept in brightly lit locations. This helps them keep their vivid colours. The plants do enjoy a window location so that they can get loads of light. The bright light helps the shrub to have more variegation and the colours of the leaves shine even brighter. The temperature around it needs to be monitored. It has to be around 70°F at day and 60°F at night. If it is not maintained properly then the plants would begin to shed their leaves.



Water Requirements


Crotons prefer the unflinching attention of the sun. But a few among the species does need some amount of shade. The quantity of sunlight that can be received by the plant relates to the intense colour palette of its leaves.

Croton plants grow to their full potential rooted in acid soil or alkaline. The shrub cannot grow in soil that has a higher concentration of pH level. It has to be below 5.5. If your plant is slowly dying out then check the existing pH level of the soil, urgently!

Though an indoor plant, Croton needs their soil to retain some moisture at all times. If the water level is not maintained they would wither away easily. Then again, if you leave the soil is too wet then the edges of the leaves would turn brown. Crotons prefer a location with a higher level of humidity like around 40-80%. If the level of humidity is not high enough then the plants would drop at least some leaves and would not remain just as vibrant as it could be.

Around 60°F during Night and Minimum 70°F during Day.


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