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Diffen Pandia Live Plant

The Diffen Pandia Live Plant can be used to add décor to the interiors of any house or office space.
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Description for Diffen Pandia Plant

The Diffen Pandia Live Plant is generally known as an indoor plant; although, it can be used in the outdoors. The plant is generally grown in the pot and is therefore very flexible. One can place it in any room that one likes and allow the plant to provide fresh oxygen. The plant can be used to decorate the interiors of different offices.

The plant develops single alternate leaves that are flecked in green and white. The leaves are generally large and pointed towards the top. It is necessary to water the plant regularly so that the soil can stay moist. The plant can also survive if it gets watered at least two times a week. The plant’s leaves will start to turn yellow if it cannot draw nutrition from the soil. That is why it is necessary to add fertilizers to the soil so that the plant can stay alive for a long time. The soil needs to get drained properly of the water otherwise the plant might not have proper growth.

The Diffen Pandia Live Plant can grow well on searing temperatures and also adapts well to extremely dry climates. When this is used as an indoor plant, it does not need a lot of sunlight to grow. But, care has to be taken to pick a spot for it where it will receive a lot of daylight. The plant is resilient enough to survive direct sunlight; although, it is best to not expose it to the sun on a regular basis. The plant cannot grow properly if the temperature goes below 41OF. The perfect temperature within which the plant can survive is 80OF. 

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height


The plant is not known to produce flower when grown indoors.  It is best to grow the plant during spring.

The plant, when cared properly, can reach a height of 12 inches.


Planting And Care

A few ways should be followed when you are trying to take care of the plant.






The plant can survive under the sun as well as in bright light.

The soil that the plant grows has to be aerated and needs to remain moist to make it grow properly.

Keeping the soil moist is conducive to the growth of the plant, but you need to ensure that the soil does not get too soggy. 

The temperature has to be within 80oF for the plant’s growth.

Any houseplant fertilizer will be helpful for its growth. 


•  The plant needs to receive proper light.
•  Keep it in a place that will allow it to receive ample daylight.
•  Move the plant into the sun once in a while, as, this will help with the growth of the plant.
•  The plant needs to have moist soil so that it can draw nutrients that it need.
•  Avoid using too much water as this will make the soil soggy rather than moist.
•  The soil has to be kept fertilized to boost the growth of the plant furthermore.