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Dracaena Live Plant

The Dracaena Live Plant is an ornamental plant that can be used to decorate the interiors and exteriors of a house or office.
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Description for Dracaena Plant

The Dracaena Live Plant, being an ornamental plant, can be used both in the indoors as well as the outdoors as a piece of decoration. The plant is easy to grow and can thrive well even if it gets neglected. The plant can also help to purify the air so it should get included in home and office spaces. The plant can be trimmed to any size that one prefers and can be kept at any corner of the room.

The plant belongs to the Asparagaceae family and has as many as forty different species. With leaves sprouting in every direction, the plant has a rather bushy appearance. The leaves of the plant extend up to a foot and are also wide by a few inches. The leaves are quite lustrous and are available in various colours.

The plant originates from Africa and is used all over the world for decorative purposes. Its attractive foliage is what captures everyone’s attention as they enter the room where the plant is kept. The plant can better in places that are flooded with bright light. It should never be exposed directly to the sun as its leaves will start to turn brown due to its harsh rays. The soil should also stay moist and must never get too damp because it will be harmful to its roots.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height

Dragon tree, Corn plant

NA The best time to grow the plant is from spring to the summer seasons. The height of the plant can be anywhere between two inches to ten inches.


Plant And Care

There are some things that you will have to be careful about while growing this plant.






The plant cannot tolerate harsh sun rays. So it has to be kept in places that receive bright light but not sunrays.

Any good potting mix that can drain the excess water is ideal to grow the plant.

You will have to keep watering the plant throughout its blooming season but during the winter you will have to limit the use of water.

The perfect temperature to grow the plant is between 65oF and 78oF. Try to give the plant a humid atmosphere by placing it upon pebbles that are partially submerged in water.

Any kind of liquid fertilizer will be suitable for growing the plant. Use the fertilizer during spring or summer to boost the plant’s growth.


• You will have to use a potting mixture that will help to drain the excessive amount of water.
• The soil should not get too dry otherwise the plant will wither.
• Do not keep the plant directly under the sun but make sure that it is exposed to bright light.
• Fertilize the soil of the plant during its growing season.
• Clean the leaves of the plant so that it is able to produce oxygen better.
• Trim the plant to stop it from getting too tall.
• Once the plant gets a little bigger, transfer it to a bigger pot where it can spread its roots.