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Dracaena Mahatma Live Plant

The Dracaena Mahatma Live Plant is an ornamental plant that can decorate the interior of your house and also make the air breathable.
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Description for Dracaena Mahatma Plant

The Dracaena Mahatma Live Plant is also known as cordyline fruticosa usually grows as a shrub or a short tree. The plant is basically used to decorate the house and office spaces. The colorful and long leaves of the plant can uplift the mood of anybody who enters the room and sees them. They are a beautiful addition to living space as they not only beautify the area but also clean the air of all the pollutants and make it breathable for people.

The broad leaves of the plant are stay attached to its stem for a really long time. The leaves are thin and pointed towards its head. They exude a reddish pink color at their budding stage which gradually becomes deep green as they mature. The plant should be allotted some space to grow as its leaves can spread up to nine inches. After the plant attains a certain age, they will start to shade their lower leaves.

It is not at all difficult to take care of the plant. If the dracaena mahatma live plant is grown in a pot, the soil has to be a mixture of peat moss and potting soil. It also has to be well drained as the plant cannot survive on a soggy soil. The plant cannot be kept directly under the sun and has to be kept in a shade if kept outside. The plant, when kept indoors, needs to receive bright light. If the plant receives proper care, it can grow up to a height of twenty-three inches.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height

Ti Plant, Hawaiian Ti, Cabbage tree, Good Luck Plant

The flowers that bloom on this plant are red or yellowish in colour.

The plant generally sprouts flower during the summer period.

The plant’s height can be anywhere between fifteen inches to twenty-three inches.


Planting And Care

You need to take good care of the plant, which you buy from us, to ensure that it grows properly.






The plant should not be exposed to direct sunlight. You should provide a shade for the plant.

You should use a potting mixture that can drain the waters and prevent the soil from getting too sodden.

You will have to allow the soil to dry before you water your plant again. Remember, the soil has to be moist for the plant to grow properly.

The plant can endure a temperature of up to 80oF.

You can use the fertilizer once during spring or twice during a year. 


•  The plant needs to be able to receive bright light but should not be under direct sunlight as that will scorch its leaves.
•  The plant which receives less light will also grow slowly.
•  The plants should not be put under dense shade.
•  Since it is growing at a slower pace, it will require much less amount of fertilizer and water than it had required if it was growing fast.
•  The soil, used for the plant, has to be moist and well-drained.
•  The plant cannot endure extremely cold temperatures.