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Dracaena Reflexa - Song of India Live Plant

The Dracaena reflexa – Song of India Live Plant will not only smarten up you indoors but also make it a healthier place.
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Description for Dracaena Reflexa - Song of India Plant

With its ability to achieve a lofty height and coiled leaves, the Dracaena reflexa – Song of India Live Plant will no doubt be a beautiful addition to either the indoors or the outdoors of a house. It can be used to beautify the office or other public spaces. The plant can be grown on a pot or in the garden and is very easy to maintain. The colourful foliage adds a charm to the plant.

The leaves and the pattern in which they grow make the plant popular among its buyers. The leaves of the plant are a foot long and are slightly arched. The wide leaves are green in the center with a yellow outline. The plant has glossy leaves which will shine when they get exposed to light. The plant does not have to rely on its cluster of flowers to enhance its attractiveness for the onlookers. As the plant matures, its lower leaves will completely turn yellow and will fall off the main stem.

Found mostly on the islands around the Indian Ocean, the plant prefers a humid climate to grow. The plant has a bushy appearance and will have to be pruned properly to maintain its alluring looks. The Dracaena reflexa – Song of India Live Plant, when planted in the ground, can grow up to a height of twenty feet. When grown on a pot inside the house, the plant can attain a height of five feet. The plant helps to clean the air and get rid of all the toxins that are present.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height

Pleomele, Dracaena Reflexa, Song of India

The plant grows little flowers that are almost white in colour, which is a nice contrast to the green and yellow leaves of the plant.  Flower generally starts to appear on the plant during the winter seasons. 

The plant can grow between five feet and twenty feet in height depending on where it is grown.


Planting And Care

There are a few rules that you will have to follow while trying to grow the plant.






The plant should be kept in an area that is brightly lit.

You must use a potting mix that should be able to drain the excess water.

You must keep the soil moist during the spring to summer seasons. During winter, you do not need to water the plant as regularly as in the summers.

The plant can thrive well under 24oC but make sure that the temperature around the plant does not go below 12oC.

You can use any liquid fertilizer for the plant every month throughout the summer seasons.


•  The plant should be kept in a spot that is brightly lit and can also receive the rays of the morning sun.
•  The soil should not be soggy as this will hinder the growth of the plant.
•  The plant should be re-potted so that its roots have space to spread themselves.
•  Prune the decaying leaves of the plant.
•  The plant can get infested with spider mites and using neem or horticultural oil will help you to get rid of them.