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Dracaena Victoria Live Plant

The shiny colourful foliage of the Dracaena Victoria Live Plant will help to clean the air and also work as a form of decoration for the indoors.
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Description for Dracaena Victoria Plant

The Dracaena Victoria Live Plant is generally used to decorate a room because of its attractive foliage and ease of maintenance. The plant can be as an outdoor plant too but will need a lot more attention and care than the one planted in the indoors. The plant can reach up to a staggering height when not pruned regularly. The growths of the plants that are kept indoors are stunted as they are grown in a pot.

The leaves of the plant generally grow from the side of the main stem. The long and arched leaves droop around the stem of the plant giving it a very bushy look. The yellow and green striped leaves have a very polished appearance and once they come in contact with the light they will start to shine. The leaves of the plant will start to turn yellow if they receive more water than they require.

The evergreen Dracaena Victoria Live Plant is quite sensitive to fluoride and cannot tolerate a damp soil. They have an aversion to harsh sunlight and thus needs to be moved under shade during the afternoon glare of the sun. The plant can be grown from its cuttings by simply putting the part directly into the soil. The plant will need some support to stand before the roots of the plant start to develop. The plant is also useful to clean the air and absorb all the harmful pollutants that are generally present in the air. The plant is generally not known to grow flower but once the plant has matured enough flowers may start to grow.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height

Dracaena Victoria, Corn Plant

The plant generally produces flowers that are nearly white in colour.

The phenomenon of the plant producing flowers are extremely rare.

The plant can grow from twelve inches to about twenty-four inches in height.


Planting And Care

There are some rules that have to be followed while trying to grow the plant.






The plant can tolerate bright light but not harsh sunlight.

You will have to use a loose potting mix that can drain the water.

You should keep the soil moist during the summers and regulate the watering during the winters.

The plant cannot survive in temperature that goes below 55oF. Temperature above 70oF is more suitable for its growth.

Any kind of houseplant fertilizer can be used on the plant but you will have to balance it properly. You will have to use the fertilizer one time in two weeks and will have to stop altogether during winter.


•  The plant cannot be exposed to the extreme sunlight.
•  It has to be kept under light shade so that it can receive the light but not the rays.
•  Since it is sensitive to fluoride, it is best to use water that does not contain fluoride.
•  You will have to water the plant carefully making sure that the soil does not get too soggy.
•  As part of their caring routine, the leaves have to be wiped clean in order to remove dirt that might be blocking their pores.