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Duranta Golden Live Plant

The ability to grow in different places together with the colorful flowers and fruits makes Duranta Golden Live Plant perfect for using as a decorative piece.
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Description for Duranta Golden Plant

Known mainly as an ornamental plant, the Duranta Golden Live Plant can also bear fruits and flowers that can enhance its appeal. The plant can be grown in pots or it can be planted directly in the ground. No matter where it is planted, the plant will capture people’s attention with its colourful foliage, flowers, and fruits. The plant has to be handled carefully as its stems are covered with thorns.

The leaves growing on either side of the protruding stem gives the plant a very bushy appearance. The leaves of this plant are no longer than an inch and have a jagged edge. Multiple plants can be planted together so that its shrub-like appearance can fill the landscape that an individual has planted it to grow. A single plant, on a pot, kept in the corner of a room will also look good. The lavender flowers and yellow and orange coloured fruits give the plant its polychromatic appearance. Each flower has five spreading petals that appear in the form of a tube. They can also be blue in colour.

The plant belongs to the Verbenaceae family, which is known for their producing mostly aromatic flowers. There are seventeen different species of this plant and has its origination in the South American regions. The plant grows fruits and flowers simultaneously. The plant will continue to flower and bear fruits in regions, where the climate condition is not extreme. The plant can be grown easily although it needs some care to thrive. When the plant receives proper caring, it grows up to a height of eight feet. 

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height

Duranta golden, sky flower, pigeon berry, golden tears, golden dewdrop

The flowers can either be lavender or blue in colour.

They grow during the spring as well as the summer season. 

The plant’s height can be anywhere between five feet to eight feet.


Planting And Care

You will have to abide by the following guidelines while planting and caring for the Duranta Golden Live Plant.






You should choose a spot where it will be able to receive full to partial sunlight. The sunlight helps the plant to maintain its foliage.

You should use an organic soil that can drain well.
You should keep watering the plant regularly.

It should always be within 25oF.

You should use slow fertilizers to boost the growth of the plant.


•  You will have to dig holes that are wider than the plant’s root balls.
•  Be careful the hole must not be too deep.
•  Use organic matter to compile with the soil.
•  Remove the plant from its pot and place it cautiously in the hole.
•  You should half fill the hole with the soil mixture.
•  Water sincerely, till the water soaks the soil completely.
•  Then fill the hole completely with water.
•  Compress the ground around the plant by using your hand.
•  This will help the plant to secure its place.
•  Keep watering the plant so that the soil always remains moist especially during the extremely dry season.