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Growing Lucky Bamboo plants is a famous trend for bringing good fortune in your life. The botanical name of this plant is Dracaena Sanderiana. It is also known for its various names as Curly Bamboo, Chinese water Bamboo, Goddess of mercy plant, and Ribbon plant. It is very easy to grow and very nice choice to décor your home. To enjoy this plant you need to know all about its features and preservation. So, before growing Lucky Bamboo, have a quick look at the given description-


Lucky Bamboo Facts


Some Facts about Lucky Bamboo Plant

1. It belongs to the same family the Lily plant plants came from.

2. It is native to Africa and East Asia, tropical rain forests.

3. It can grow about 2 to 3 feet as indoor/outdoor plants.

4. It requires shady light and can’t tolerate direct sunlight.

5. Lucky Bamboo can be planted in soil and water easily.


Bamboo caring


Caring for Lucky Bamboo Plant

When growing Lucky Bamboo plants indoor or outside, you should follow the given instruction. Besides, you have to understand the basic requirement and possible preservation process while caring for this plant. So, have your consideration at the given points-


Bamboo caring


1. First, you should remove the plastic rubber, paper, and the rock piece provided with the plastic bag. Set them to the container cautiously; in addition, follow the instruction given in the box.

2. You need to be careful at this step, an indoor Bamboo plant does not require much water to survive but it considered that the root always should be covered with water. So, you can water once in 7-8 days for best results.

3. You should use chlorine-free water for the Lucky Bamboo plants. If the chlorine level is high in water then keep the water out overnight so the chlorine could evaporate and use this water next day for watering.

4. This plant thrives properly in moderate sunlight so keep away it from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight comes as a bad result as scorched leaves. So, set this plant in the temperature 65-95°F, in your office or home etc.

5. If you ever feel the requirement of fertilizer, you can use liquid fertilizer once in 3-4 weeks.

6. You need to observe this plant time-to-time. If you ever find its leaves yellow that indicates the plant is sick and needs better care. Remove yellow part instantly so it does not affect the rest part.

7. Use large pot or container, in the condition when the root part becomes too tough. Small Bamboo plants can be set in a group to care easily.

8. In Addition to all points, use filtered water, such as fluoride-free water because it fluoride is toxic to any plant.



 Lucky Bamboo plays an important role in Chinese culture, Feng Shui. As it is supposed to bring good fortune and positive energy, you should take it your home or office. Also, you need to understand the maintenance conditions when you really want to grow this plant inside your home. 

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