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Gazania Live Plant

Plant is wonderfully easy to grow; it tolerates just about every indoor condition.
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Description for Gazania Plant

Gazania, most commonly known as African daisy and is grown as both perennial and annual, depending on country to country. They are perfect for growing on both soil and in containers and are widely used for interior decoration purposes. Belonging to the Asteraceae family, it is a half-hardy flower. These plants have leathery foliage which makes them strong and drought tolerant as the foliage also has waxy cuticles. Colour of these leaves, however, can range from grey to green and is seen as densely clustered together, in a lance shape. The flowers grow in bright, attractive colours like orange, red, pink, white and yellow. The seeds should be best planted into the garden soil, the distance of 1 foot should be observed between each planting. They can also be planted in containers and more than often along with lantana for bringing on a complementary look about them.

A native of South Africa, these plants can grow in extremely low fertile soil but should be watered and given insecticides in order to avoid Mealybugs. Gardeners favour Gazania flowers over others since they are low maintenance and act a different beauty on fences or along with sidewalk garden. They are believed to be existing in 16 distinct species some of them are schenckii and heterochaeta.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height


Treasure flower 

Yellow, red, white, and pink

Both perennial and annual


Moderately easy


Planting And Care






They get the best nourishment from full sun and produces a riot of color. 

They grow well enough on any kind of soil, let it be poor, dry or even sandy. Any kind of soil, for example, alkaline, loam, clay, sandy and acidic could provide for a healthy base for growing the plant. The soil should be well drained; the same is true if they are being plotted in a container.  A dosage of slow-release fertilizer with the ratio 1:1:1 is widely suggested for these plants. Over-fertilization could produce a number of leaves than flowers.

Watering should be restricted to once every two weeks. In most parts of the world, the flowers blossom better under dry spells and less amount of water. They can thrive for a long time-span without watering. 

25 F

A thin layer of fertilizer should be applied on a sufficiently drained soil. To get the best results, fertilizer should be applied during the blooming period to enhance their beauty. 

Caring For Gazania Plant

Properly get rid of dead flowers. Pruning should be ideally done during the beginning of spring season since this helps in quick rejuvenation of the plant. Also watering should be done in a regulated manner since the inappropriate amount of water consequences in their rot. To get a longer bloom of the flowers, pruning should be done in a careful manner. 

Special Features

•  They are most commonly used for decoration purposes
•  The flowers are also used as ornaments since they look vibrant together in a clustered form.