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Golden Pothos Live Plant

Golden Pothos is the best decoration piece for your home and office that not only makes a room more welcoming and cheerful.
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Description for Golden Pothos Live Plant

Golden Pothos is a natural live plant that can without a pot in your garden as well as indoors. It is a climber and creeper that feel at home hanging from a basket, or climbing a pole or sitting on the edge of a shelf or spilling in all its glory on your table. All you need to make that happen is slightly dry soil so that it can adjust well with your normal room temperature.

The Devil's Ivy or the Scindapsus Aureus or the Pothos Aureus as it is known as is one of the best plants that can be used in the Indoors as well as Outdoors decorating your garden and your room for better living. The Golden Pothos is related to the family of heartleaf philodendron which it resembles the last T. It is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors and out.

The maximum height that the Golden Pothos can reach is up to 20m but you can have the growth-arrested between 1 and 12 inches as per you own connivance. This information comes in handy when you wish to own and invest in some greenery for your room. All you need is an environment filled with natural lighting and plenty of open air for the plants do not lose their splendor.

The Golden Pothos happens to be a striking plant with gold-splashed fleshy foliage which has typical heart-shaped oval leaves. The plain green leaved plants rarely have flowers growing on it. It is not a flowering plant but basically an indoor plant that helps you create the most soothing ambiance in your home as well as the office with people feeling welcome to come here. 

Common Name Plant Color Bloom Time Height

Devil's Ivy, Scindapsus Aureus

Gold-Splashed Fleshy Foliage

Early To Mid-Summer Up to 20 m


Plant And Care







Well-drained or slightly dry 

Whether it is summer or winter you should never water the plant on a daily basis. It is the fastest way you can kill the plant. Try to water the Golden Pothos after finding out if the soil of the plant is dry or not.

The plant prefers warmer temperature ranging between 150C to 300C. Anything below 100C would hasten the process of the plant dies out.

A nitrate base fertilizer works best for the plant which has to be added to the soil in the evening to save the leaves from burning which is what would happen if you add the fertilizer in sunlight.

Planting and Caring

•  There is no strict time schedule for you to plant the Golden Pothos.
•  Neither is the place to plant it restricted.
•  Just cut the stem of a grown plant and place it in the soil with a previously dug hole.
•  For those who wish for indoor vegetation plant it in a glass jar or bottle that is half filled with soil.
•  Ensure great drainage system in the pot as it would be otherwise damaged by excess water.
•  Tie the stem while it is growing up to get the size it wants.
•  Trim the dead and overgrown branches for a cleaner look.

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