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Green Wall/Vertical Gardening

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We are the best producer and distributor of Green Wall/Vertical Gardening services. All the varieties of Green Wall/Vertical Gardening are made by our best team of specialist and latest technology.

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Green Wall/Vertical Gardening

Our unique and well-underutilized techniques turn out your walls/vertical structures into Bio walls, vertical gardens or living walls/eco walls.

You can feel the great freshness of nature inside your house by making a flourishing Green wall.

Our multiple steps for green wall gardening are given as-

  • 01 Visiting at your
    type of garden
  • 02 Making strategy
    for placement
  • 03 Coming with
    your plants choice
  • 04 Starting with
    basic planting
Why Come to Natures Buggy for Setting up Living Green Wall/Vertical Gardening?

At Natures Buggy, we run out to provide sustainable green wall designs in homes and buildings. Our vertical gardening system comes in a multitude of services to perform with an almost endless combination of natural features.

Types of Green Wall /Vertical Gardening that Natures Buggy Offers
  •   Biofelt Vertical Gardens
  •   PP Pot Vertical Gardens
  •   Flora bags Vertical Garden
  •   Green Screens
  •   Moss walls
  •   Moss tiles
  •   Veggie Rack
  •   Garden Trolley
  •   Green Strip