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Guldaudi Flowering Live Plant

Growing guldaudi plants is really a better option. If you want to create a beautiful display in your garden come with the guldaudi plants.
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Description for Guldaudi

Guldaudi is a popular flower plant across the world not merely for its beauty, but also for its medical properties- they are used to treat type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. It can be grown best if planted during the early spring. They belong to the family of Asteraceae, and the origin can be traced back to China, where it used to be cultivated mainly as a flowering herb. The flower is widely available both in Asian and European markets and is mostly known as Chrysanthemum

Annual as well as perennial by nature, the plants usually grow 50-150 cm tall. They have long petals and are somewhat known by its cushion shaped petals. During the winter season, however, the plants need extra care since they are typically exposed to a constant wetness on their leaves. Moreover, these plants are held as one of the most important flower crops which yield massive commercial value in different sectors.

In the case of diseases, the best insecticide that should be used for treatment is Pyrethrum which is made from the ingredients of dried flower heads and is considered organic. 

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height


Dendranthema, Chrysanthemum etc.

Yellow, gold, orange, pink, red, and maroon

Late summer- early winter

The height varies from 2 to 7 inches and the shape of the plant is oval.  

Terminal trimmings would definitely ensure for a flourishing and healthy plant, and the length of the cutting should be 5-7 cm long. 


Plant And Care

Growing guldaudi needs a scheduled care, although it can be grown anywhere like poly house, containers, pots, greenhouse, and backyards around July-August.






A minimum of 5-6 hours sunlight on a daily basis, however, streetlights are unhealthy for the plants. Ensure that they are receiving adequate air and space. Guldaudis can get damaged if they are kept in a cramped up and moist place.

The best types of soil ideal for the thriving of the flowers are sandy or even loamy soil, with the pH balance of 6.5. The soil should be thoroughly fertilized in the first place before planting the plant. Farmyard manure acts as a blessing to these flowers.

The plant reacts negatively to excess water and therefore it is advised that it should be planted on a well-irrigated plot of land. Priority should be keeping the plants adequately dry, furthermore avoiding mere water collection around its stems is another significant step for the growth of these plants.

The temperature should be kept around 20 ͦ-80  ͦC during daytime and 15-20  ͦ  during night-time. 

Fertilizers rich in nitrogen and potassium are necessary, and the number of fertilizers should be regulated monthly. Elimination of excess salt in the fertilizer container should be maintained and therefore it is advised to wash it frequently. 

Special Features

•  Consumption of the Guldaudi flowers is an effective medicine for cancer and stomach sores
•  The flowers are widely used for decoration purposes.
•  Guldaudi tea is applied as an effective remedy for skin problems, puffiness, discoloration, wrinkles, or spots. The tea has a huge demand for its fragrance and pleasant taste.

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