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Using herbal medicinal plants for treatment also hold a strong ground because these herbal plants are really beneficial for health without any side effects. These plants hold a greater position with huge advantages over chemically treated and synthetic medicines. Herbal or Ayurvedic medicines are used to treat the disease or other health problems from the root opposed to other medicines and drugs. We are discussing some popular herbal medicinal plants that can be used to make a different type of Ayurvedic medicines to keep you healthy by preventing diseases-


Herbal medicinal plants


1.      Lavender

Lavender has a great property for making the herbal medicine in the form of Lavender oil. Lavender oil is rich in esters, which come with antispasmodic, calming and stimulating properties. Additionally, it widely considered for its relaxing, calming properties. Some other uses of Lavender oil are-

  1. i. Lavender oil helps in relieving pain like a sprain, joint pain, tense muscles, and backache etc.

  2. ii. Helpful in treating various skin problems like acne, psoriasis, eczema, and wrinkles.

  3. iii. Lavender oil is such a great remedy for keeping your hair healthy.

  4. iv. Using Lavender oil can improve your blood pressure.

  5.  v. It relieves respiratory disorder.


Herbal medicinal plants


2.      Ginger

Ginger comes with various great properties like antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-parasitic, antibacterial. It is also known for providing relief for joint pain, menstrual pain, headache etc. Some other uses of Ginger are-

  1. i. Ginger has the ability for fighting cancer, bacterial, fungal infection, asthma, and diabetes etc.

  2. ii. It improves the digestion system as it has powerful protein-digesting enzymes.

  3. iii. You can make ginger tea on a regular basis to keep your body fully energetic.


Herbal medicinal plants


3.      Garlic

Eating a single clove of Garlic a day can keep the doctor away from you. It has great properties like antibacterial, antiviral, immune- boosting, and anti-fungal effects etc. Some other benefits of Garlic are-

  1. i. It helps in improving cardiovascular health and circulation.

  2. ii. The best remedy to at least 14 types of cancer cells.

  3. iii. It has effective properties against drug-resistant bacteria.


Herbal medicinal plants


4.      Thyme

Thyme is the rich-antioxidants and it contains health-boosting elements like apigenin, naringenin, luteolin, and thymonin. It has the great nutrition such are vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, manganese, and copper etc. Some topical uses of Thyme are-

  1. i. Thyme oil is used to treat, arthritis, bites, wounds and sores, gout, water retention etc.

  2. ii. It helps in stimulating and strengthens the mind, memory, and concentration.

  3. iii. Thyme oil prevents the skin problems.


Herbal medicinal plants


5.      Peppermint

Peppermint oil also has the superior properties that can heal your health effectively. Benefits of Peppermint are-

  1. i. Peppermint oil improves the respiratory system.

  2. ii. It helps to fight asthma, cold, allergies, and tuberculosis etc.


Herbal medicinal plants



Understanding the basic fundamentals of herbal plants is not an easy task because you have to spend more time with nature and examine the plants and herbs. There are millions of herbal plants in India and each of those has a different specific quality that can be used to make medicines and remedies to treat various diseases. 

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