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Succulents are the great indoor plants because they are highly capable to survive in dry conditions. The plants come with water-storing ways so can tolerate dry atmosphere without any side effects. There are several species of Succulents plants and the popular one of them is Cactus most people familiar with. Planting Succulent foliage indoors is not the different process from others; nevertheless, we are describing some important guideline so following that you can learn the procedure of Succulent plantation.

When you are making a plan for installing Succulent indoors you need to consider the following key parameters-

Succulent Plants



Most of the species demands the brightest light during the winter season so you should place them south or east facing window and you can follow the same setting during the summer time or you can take the plant outside.




These plants require sandy and well-drained soil to grow. By blending your own soil mix in a pot you can make a mixture Succulent plant needs. 




When you buy succulent plants replace the pot with good looking cachepot and you will get instant décor in your home. In addition, you can use shallow bowls to tuck shallow roots and also make sure the container has drainage holes for exiting the excess water.

Containers for Succulents



A Succulent plant requires watering when the leaves appear dull, shiny or puckering. Around 95 percent of indoor plants need soil completely dry before watering. So, when it comes to water make sure the water is enough so it can exit through drainage holes and you need to be aware of the plant doesn’t sit in water overnight.




Succulent’s growth varies according to the season.  It thrives fast in spring and summer and grows slow in fall and winter is the rest time. So, you must understand about fertilizer varieties suits the plant. Besides, consider the quantity when applying fertilizer as per the requirements.



Some Common Tips

You should ensure that you are not overwatering because plants need to be dry in wetter climate and thoroughly watering let them hold a little moisture to use in the desert.

Provide the plants as much sunlight as possible because they prefer desert atmosphere to thrive perfectly.

You can discover different succulents as per the climate. Some of those can survive in the home but some do not so choose them accordingly.

You should choose greenery Succulents because the greener leaves they have the longer they survive in the house.

You can buy cactus plants online as Aloe Vera, Agave etc that are really suitable for your home and they are beneficial to cleaning the air.



Succulent indoor plants don’t require extensive maintenance or nurturing during thriving. These plants thrive strongly in spring and summer so you can grow several plants at one space in spring and summer time. Hopes, the above-given information may help you in propagating Succulent indoor properly.

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