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Ixora Yellow Live Plant(Dwarf)

Come to a vast selection of Ixora plants and find one that will thrive in your indoor/outdoor landscape. Now, you can start planting ixora to add some flair in the future.
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Description for Ixora (Yellow)

Ixora belongs to the family of Rubiaceae and is a bright-colored flowering plant with thick, multi-branched shrub. They are mainly small blooms remain clustered together en masse and the plant can grow to a maximum height of 4 feet. Some of the other familiar names of this flowering plant are Scarlet Jungle frame, Flame of the Woods etc. the flowers usually have a diameter of 8-12 cm and are mostly grown in glasshouses. These flowers are a native of Tropical Asia and blossom during the summer season. They prefer sunlight during blooming period however, prolonged direct sunlight might be a problem for these plants.

As far as records are concerned, there are around 400 species of Ixora found all over the world, but the variety Ixora Coccinea is most known and grown profusely. In southern China, the most common is Ixora Chinensis. Since these flowers are clustered in a compact shape, they do extremely well for gardening purposes and the Dwarf Ixora is mainly famous for its small leaves and dense, bright physical appearance. 

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height


Ixora long, jarum jarum, ponna, Jungle Flame, jungle geranium

Orange, pink, red and white

Summer season 

1.8-3.7 m



Planting And Care






The plants love the sun and grow in full bloom under direct sunlight. A light shade also influences their growth. Keeping them in a temperature below 40 might lead to the development of colored spots.  

These plants grow well on well-drained soil from moderate to slightly acidic in nature. Adequate attention should be spared to the alkaline quality of the soil, as it tends to have a negative impact on the plants. Clogged soil also results in root rot problems. 

Excessive water is never good for the plants and can cause rotting around the stems. They grow better under humid conditions. 

Above 60 ͦ F even during winter is favorable to their growth. 

An acidic fertilizer, rich in micro-nutrients with the ratio of 4-8-8 is best suited for these plants and can help fight problems. Fertilizer should be applied during midsummer in order to increase the acidic level of the soil. 

Caring for Ixora 

One of the areas where extra care is needed, while growing Ixora, is the growth of aphids and scale. Application of insecticidal soap sprays is an easy way to control the issue. The plants tend to fall short of micronutrients and it often gets reflected in the leaves. Dark spots indicate that it is not receiving an adequate amount of micronutrients. A foliar spray is also a remedy apart from sprinkling acidic fertilizer. Trimming after the plant has flowered is also good to revitalize its growth and appearance. 

Special Features

•  It is an effective remedy for rheumatism and wounds and in many countries, the plants are used as traditional medicines. 
•  The roots of these plants have been used for treating fever and diarrhea. 
•  Leaves contain antiseptic properties and are advised during a headache and colic.

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