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Jasmine Live Plant

The star-shaped fragrant flowers of the jasmine plant, helps it to naturally decorate your indoors as well as your garden.
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Description for Jasmine Plant

The Jasmine Live Plant has more than two hundred different kinds with a unique identification. They are available in the forms of both shrubs and vine. They can be deciduous or they can be evergreen in nature. You can grow the plant by planting seeds in the ground; or, you can buy a plant that has been already potted. The plant can be grown either in the indoors or on the outside depending on the nature of the plant.

The most notable thing about the Jasmine Live Plant is its flowers. The plants that grow in warm temperature produce sweet-smelling flowers; although, not all flowers are known to produce a smell. The flowers are shaped like stars and can be grown in various colours. Jasmine plants are mainly grown in areas that have either tropical or sub-tropical climates.

The jasmine plant cannot be grown easily, but all your efforts will be fruitful once your plant will start to bloom fragrant flower. The most commonly used jasmine plant is in the form of a vine. They will have green shiny leaves that are larger than the plants, which belong to the other species. Another kind of jasmine plant grows into a small bush with self-renewing leaves.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height

Jasminum officinale, j. sambac, j.nudifloram, j.fruticans, j.perkeri

There are various colours like white, yellow, pink, and ivory available.

The Jasminum Officinale blooms during summer, while the Jasminum Nudifloram blooms during winter.

The plant’s height is generally between ten to fifteen feet.


Plant And Care

In order to grow the jasmine plant on the ground you will have to follow these steps:

•  A rich and well-drained soil will be suitable for the plant.
•  Whether you decide to grow it in a pot or on the ground, you will have to first prepare the soil.
•  You will have to add two layers of compost, where each layer will be of an inch, with the soil.
•  Dig a hole that will be two times the size of its root ball and then, you should cautiously shift the plant from the pot to the ground.
•  Compress the soil around the plant and then water the soil to make sure that the plant stands straight.
•  If you feel that your plant needs more soil to stand, add the amount you think is necessary.






You must allow the plant to receive sunlight but in the afternoon bring it into a shade.

Fertile and a well-drained soil

In moderation so that the soil remains moist

Not below 50oF

You can use any liquid fertilizer for the plant.

Caring for the plant:

•  Provide stakes if it is a vine.
•  Keep the soil on which it is growing moist.
•  Use liquid fertilizers during its period of growth.
•  Prune the branches.
•  Use neem oil to get rid of the pest infestation.

For plants in the pot:

•  Prune the branches to stunt its growth.
•  Keep it places where it can receive sunlight and moisture.
•  Use fertilizers two times a year.
•  Water the roots and not the leaves.
•  Use either horticultural or neem oil to check the pest infestation.