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Madhukamini Live Plant

The Madhukamini plant can be used as a piece to decorate your indoor or your garden, and its sweet-scented flowers will make sure that your surroundings smell nice.
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Description for Madhukamini Live Plant

The Madhukamini Live Plant is relatively easy to grow and does not require a lot of your attention. The plant is generally used to decorate the outer spaces of a house. It can be grown directly on the ground or can be planted in a pot. It is an evergreen small flowering tree that can also be grown as a shrub most common in the tropical climates.

The most attractive feature of the plant is its flowers. They appear in a group and are quite fragrant. The petals are slightly arched at the end which gives them a bell-like appearance. The aroma that gets emitted by the flower resembles that of an orange. The plant also produces fruits that are a mixture of the colours red and orange and are oval in shape. These fruits might contain either one or two seeds.

The plant belongs to the Rutaceae family also known as the citrus family and originates in Australia and Asia. The plant will certainly attract birds, butterflies or bees to your garden. The birds are attracted by the fruit while the bees and the butterflies are more attracted by the flower. The tree has also got shiny leaves that are deep green in colour and are oval shaped. The leaves are a little more than two inches in length and grow in a way that gives the branches a bushy appearance.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height

Murraya Exotica, Chinese Box, Madhukamini Plant, Orange Jasmine

The plant grows little white aromatic flowers.

The flowers generally adorn the tree during spring.

The plant can be anywhere between eight to twelve feet in height.


Planting And Care

While it is easy to take care of, however, you will have to take necessary precaution so that the plant can grow properly.






It must be planted in a spot that will receive both sunlight and shade.

Well-drained soil is required

You must water the plant regularly during its growing period in a way that the soil remains moist at all times.

The temperature should not exceed 22oC

Any kind of organic fertilizer will be favorable for the plant.


•  The plant cannot be kept under the sun for too long.
•  It must be kept under the shade during the later part of the day.
•  The soil needs to have a minimum 6.6 ph balance for the plant’s proper growth.
•  The soil needs to be well-drained.
•  The plant cannot survive if the soil remains too soggy.
•  You can enhance the drainage capacity of your soil by adding organic matter like compost and leaf mulch with it.
•  You will have to add fertilizer to the soil during its growing period.
•  Since it is an evergreen plant, any fertilizer made for these kinds of the plant will be suitable for it.
•  For plants in a container, any fertilizer that is soluble in water can be used.
•  You will need to prune the plant to keep it in an attractive shape.
•  You will also have to make sure that the soil is devoid of roundworms so that the plant’s growth is not hampered.

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