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Madhumalati Dwarf Live Plant

The Madhumalati dwarf plant is not only be used for decorations but also for various medicinal usages.
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Description for Madhumalati Dwarf Plant

Plants are the best decorative pieces that can beautify your garden and also the interiors of your house. The Madhumalati Dwarf is one such plant which you can choose to embellish your home. The Madhumalati Dwarf Live Plant falls under the category of the flowering plants and can produce a better result when planted on the exterior of your house.

The colourful blossoms are accompanied by fragrant smells that can fill your garden and tantalize your olfactory senses. When the flowers first appear, they are white in colour. Then they turn pink before becoming red. Finally, the flowers turn dark maroon before they wither away. The clustered flowers make the plant look more alluring and even create a fantastic contrast with its foliage. The plant also produces fruits that are about 33 mm in length and almost tastes like almond upon maturity.

The Madhumalati is actually a vine that has a woody appearance and is most common in Malaysia, Philippines, and India. The leaves of the plant are round with a pointed tip. They can be fifteen centimeters in length; or, can be smaller in size. As the plant matures, it starts to take a bushy appearance and uses its shoots to climb any support that it could find to attain its lofty height. The appearance of the plant can get displayed perfectly if grown near arched gateways, places with fences, and also in the balconies. Apart from decoration, the various parts of the plant have significant medical purposes.

Common name

Flower colors

Bloom time


Chinese honeysuckle, Radha Manoharam, Rangoon Creeper, Madhumalati, Burma Creeper

Clusters of white flowers appear on the plant which then turns into pink before becoming red and then finally becomes deep maroon.

Flower generally appears from the months of February to May and then again from August till November.

The plant can be anywhere between 2.5 to 8 meters in height.

Planting and Care

The plant is not that difficult to maintain, but you will have to follow some rule while planting and caring for it.






The plant can grow well to in full sun, but it will be best if you could move it into shade during the afternoon.

The plant only needs the soil to drain well and can adapt to any kind of soil conditions.

You will have to keep watering the plant diligently in order to keep the soil moist till the plant attains its maturity. During winter, however, you will have to reduce the watering. 

The plant grows best in a warmer climate.

The plant does not require fertilizers for growth but if you still wish to provide it some, make sure they do not have a nitrogen base.


Caring for Madhumalati Dwarf Plant

•  You will have to plant the sapling in a big pot and leave it out for a few hours in the sun every day.
•  Since it is a form of creeper, you will have to provide it with the support so that it can grow into a spectacle.
•  The plant mostly needs moist soil to thrive.
•  It does not require heavy fertilizes to help with its blooms.
•  You will have to prune the plant regularly so that you can control its growth.

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