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Maharashtrian Ethnic Silver and Gold Jewellery

Earrings continue to make all the impact in every outfit, so discover the perfect pairs for your style from our new-season collection. Light-weight, trendy and stylish earrings that accomplish your Style statement.
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Here we present one of the most classy yet traditionally beautiful peacock earrings which will surely give you the look of the evening. The blue colored stones on the above of peacock just add a touch of elegance to it. The silver lining with golden balls beneath adds to the charm of the earrings. We have the hallmark of providing beautiful earrings with intricate minor detailing which can make you feel complete on the special occasion. You can surely wear this pair and give yourself a delicate hint of glamour. It can be easily matched with most of your dresses and make you look stand out in your special evening. Not only this, the beautiful earring has the charm to fit in perfectly as a gift for someone close to you. It has all the facets to make one feel like a princess. It is very comfortable to fit in and as it is a very lightweight you can enjoy your occasion without any sort of issues. So, you must not miss out on this opportunity and get yourself one of most trending and inspired ethnic peacock earrings at very affordable rates. You will surely not get tired from showing it off!

•   Style: Traditional Maharashtrian Ethnic Silver and Gold Jewelry

•   Recommended Wearing: Casual or Festive

•  Craftsmanship: The three-quarter medallion has a gold flower in the middle with black overlays covering the earring everywhere but the gold and silver motifs and jali works as the chandelier and has silver balls hanging from it.

•  Plating: Polished Silver and Gold 

•  Features: Quality approved as well as durable

•  Package: Silver and Gold Earrings

If you are afraid of the quality or pick up do not be as we are more than happy to get the quality jewellery on your doorstep!