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Golden Money Live Plant

Many of them believe that these indoor plants exclusively brings in a lot of luck, prosperity, wealth and happiness.
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Description for Golden Money plant

Golden Money plant can be grown both outdoor and indoor as per the needs of the growers. It can be grown with the use of hangovers or larger pots. The process of growing money plants is not at all complicated and you get it done without much assistance and responsibility burden. Many of them believe that this indoor plant exclusively brings in a lot of luck, prosperity, wealth and happiness. The leaves are quite beautiful and heart shaped which are around 2 to 3 inches long. They are mostly found in the workplaces and are pretty easy to maintain in the low light areas.

Common name



Saba nut or Malabar Chestnut



Planting and Care

Any time of the year, you can grow this indoor plant. You can do it by having the stem of the parent plant which can be used to grow, wherever you want it. Whether in the soil or in the water, you can grow this indoor plant as per your convenience. So, refresh the appearance of your lawn or your home with this appealing golden money plant. You need to create a hold before planting in the soil. While growing this plant indoor will require a jar with half-filled water.






Partial sunlight

Well-drained soil.

When planted in water make sure to change the water in every 2 to 3 days. When planted in soil remember to not to water it comprehensively. You can water every second day during the summer season and while in the winter times you can water once a week.

It grows best with night temperatures of 70-75 degrees C (21-24 degrees C) and day temperatures of 75- 90 degrees C (24-32 degrees C) but will tolerate temperatures as low as 65 degrees C (18 degrees C) during the winter months when you also cut back on the watering.

Golden money plant requires common fertilizer., You need to make use of fertile soil, to grow it in the soil. Make sure to use nitrate base fertilizer for proper growth. If you are about to trim or you have already cut the bad branches, then do not add the fertilizers. Also, make sure that the fertilizers are added in the evening time or when in the shade. If you add the fertilizers in the direct sunlight, it can damage or burn the leaves completely.


Caring for Money Plant Golden

You need to ensure that the container has exceptional drainage system or else the roots might get damaged because of excessive water. You can tie the stems until the stem gets up to the top. Make sure to also use the coir ropes which can help you wrap it around the poles which will allow the plant to grow at its best.

Special features

●  Golden Money plant has special attributes which make it grow both as an outdoor or indoor plant.

●  You can keep a stem a bottle of water for the decoration purposes.

●  It helps in clearing the pollutants from the air.

●  This plant is very much beneficial to be in the living room.