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Money Live Plant

With heart-shaped leaves, it can literally refreshen in indoor space and exclusively brighten it up.
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Description for Money Plant

Money plant is scientifically called as Epipremnum aureum. This beautiful indoor plant is also very much popular as hanging, trailing or climbing plant. With heart-shaped leaves, it can literally refreshen in indoor space and exclusively brighten it up. You can grow them in a hanging pot and it is stated or observed that money plant grows quite actively while hanging in a basket. This also displays the appealing foliage of the respective indoor plant.

Money plants are very easy to maintain and they are much found in a number of workspaces including hotels, shopping malls, offices and several other regions of work. You can also use them in the water vase to help them use their aerial roots. Low lights are very much preferred for the money plant and they will help you by expelling different forms of pollutants exclusively available indoor. The leaves are up to 2 to 3 inch long and are quite shiny and attractive to the eyes.

Undoubtedly, money plant is a very good-looking plant with exceptionally attractive foliage. Most of the time you will them in a heart shape and you will also have them in the shape of an oval. The flowers are grown very rarely in this beautiful indoor greenery.

Common name

Flower colors

Bloom time



Money plant, hunter's robe, Devil's vine, devil's ivy, pothos, Solomon Islands ivy, silver vine, taro vine, ivy arum.



Approximately 20 m

Not at all challenging to grow

Planting and Care

You need to cut the stem and exclusively plant it at the location you want to. You can do it in soil or also in water, whether in your lawn or even indoors. The most astonishing thing about this indoor plant is that just by using a part of a grown money plant can help you plant one more.






Partial sunlight

Well-drained soil

If you keep it in then change the jar every second day. Do not water a lot if the plant is grown in soil. In the summertime, water every second day and after 4-5 days in the times of winter.

Amid 15 degrees C to 30 degrees c.

You need to use fertile soil when its planted in soil. You can make use of nitrate-based fertilizer. Do not use fertilizers after trimming. Make sure to use fertilizers during the evening time or when in shade.


Caring for Money plant variegated

●  To tie around the glass or plastic poles you can use coir ropes which will provide a lot of support for the plant to grow.

●  As the plant grows up you need to tie down the stems, until it gets to the top comprehensively.

● The pot where you growing money plant must exceptional system for proper drainage or else the roots might get damaged.

●  You must cut away overgrown or dead stems or branches.

Special features

●  The leaves of the money plant will grow down in cascading vines.

●  They will be able to clear pollutants from the air.

●  Money plant can be grown as an outdoor or indoor plant.