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Moon Cactus Pink Live

Plant is wonderfully easy to grow
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Description for Moon Cactus (Pink) Plant

These plants are also known as Hibotan Cactus and produce flowers in vibrant colours like pink, yellow, and orange. They are succulent in nature and needs direct sunlight for a healthy growth. They last about roughly 3-4 years and grow best in a dry soil, as it is with cacti. They belong to the family of Cactus and can reach up to 15 feet in height. Since they are the tropical desert plant, they can even sustain extreme winters.

These plants are a common sight in countries like in Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina producing bright, beautiful colours. These plants are comparatively short-lived and cannot produce plant sugar. They should be grown in a thoroughly drained soil. During harsh winter, they should be best covered with a cloth. They are best for indoor decoration because of their bright and wide flowers. These plants can be grown in the same pot for year after year.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time Height


Chin cactus, Hibotan Cactus. 

Pink, orange and yellow


8 inches


Planting And Care 






They can grow under direct sunlight although if kept for a prolonged period, it can permanently damage the plant. If potted indoor, they should be ideally kept in a bright spot.

They can grow even in rocky terrain and ill fertile soils; however, it should be well drained all the same. Waterlogging can damage them and result in a rotting stem, root rot and brown spotting. 

Moon cactus does not need frequent watering and if the soil has turned excessive dusty or dry, mild watering would be beneficial for the plant. Frequent watering can turn the plan soggy and moreover, it should be watered more during the winter season. 

Above 9 C

Water soluble fertilizer of 15-15-15 is ideally suited for moon cactus. Furthermore, it should be low in nitrogen and mixed in 1 gallon of water. The right amount of fertilizer would guarantee healthy flowering and increase the longevity of the plant. Fertilization should be specially done once in every 8 weeks throughout spring and summer. However, if the plant is newly potted, fertilization should be delayed till a later time. 

Caring for Moon Cactus

Since these plants do not produce their own chlorophyll, extra care should be taken while human grafting to a different plant. Proper pruning can necessitate a healthy growth and rejuvenate the plant. If the plant has got leggy, it is best to trim the portion. They tend to attract mildew, aphides and other diseases; therefore, it should be sprinkled with insecticide from time to time. They should be best kept indoors without the frequent application of harsh insecticides. Furthermore, they should be potted in properly cleaned pots for the natural prevention of these pests.

Special features

• They are purchased for their ornamental usages in residences and office areas.
• Cactus plants aid in the digestive system and lowering high cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
• They are rich in Vitamin B6 and maintain healthy metabolic activities.