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Hibiscus Live Plant

This plant is a breed of flowering plants and its species are popular for their attractive flowers.
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Description for Hibiscus 

Belonging to the family of Malvaceae, the Hibiscus plant is a breed of flowering plants. The respective plant is of big in size and it also attains a number of different species. The reason behind a large number of species is because they are completely native to the tropical and subtropical climate. The species are very much popular for their showy flowers and are acknowledged as hibiscus or rose mallow.

There are many people who own hibiscus plants and they grow it in a pot or a container. As the hibiscus is not an outdoor plant, it gets influenced by the conditions outside, so when it is grown in a container it can be taken to the locations perfectly suitable as per its needs.

When being grown in a container, the hibiscus plants are much suited to cozy fit. This means the hibiscus plants must be provided a little space when being in a container. You need to the have the best drainage to let the Hibiscus plant grow without any further hassle.

With beautiful dark green leaves, hibiscus is deciduous shrubs. In the frost-free areas, the respective hibiscus plants can grow up to feet tall. The beautiful flowers are approximately having 6 inches diameter and the colors of the flowers vary from peach to yellow to red. You can not only plant hibiscus singly but also make them grow as a hedge plant. The flowers are literally very appealing and you will find butterflies and hummingbirds taking full value of it.

Common name

Flower colors

Bloom time



Rose of Althea, Tropical hibiscus and Chinese hibiscus, Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus (White), Japapushpam, Rosemallow.


All year round

15 feet in the areas where its free of frost.

Is grown without a difficulty.

Planting and Care

They are big shrubs which keep on blooming with most beautiful and pleasing flowers of different and attractive colors. The growth of hibiscus plant is so active that you can train the respective plant in the form outdoor plant or tree with moderate height. It can blossom all around the year and they are not at all challenging to grow and cultivate.






Full Sun And Also Partial Shade.

The combination of Organic matter and acidic soil is highly preferred. In the gap of two to three years, the fertilizers need to be applied.

There is nothing more beneficial than the rainwater. Just make sure the soil is in moist condition all the time. For growing hibiscus plants, drip-irrigating systems are considered the most.

Around 16 to 32 degrees C.

Balanced fertilizer.


Caring for Hibiscus

●  To grow it in a container so that it can be moved as per the requirements.

●  While growing in a container make sure to give Hibiscus plants a space to fit in.

●  Hibiscus plant must have the best drainage facility.

Special features

●   This flower is used as a herbal tea by Jamaicans.

●   Chinese have this flower as a pickle.

●   The flower can also be used as a garnish.

●   In Mexico, dried hibiscus is used as a delicacy.

●   This flower has many vitamins and minerals.

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