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Our Process

Our Process

A lot of word to read in the above content? Don't worry understand Our Working Process in the minimal words with the help of below Info graphic.

  •  Initial Meeting between the Expert Team and Client.
  •  Seeking and discussing the desired garden plan of the client.
Landscape Designing
  •  Creation of Architectural Drawings as per the client's desire plan.
  •  Creation of 3D plan for a better and a clear view of plan.
Approval and Finalization of project
  •  Discussion of designed architectural drawing and 3D plans
  •  Marking the approval and finalization of client for the project.
Site Mapping and Marking
  •  Mapping the site as per the proposed architectural plan.
  •  Plant Installation related marking on the site.
Excavation on Site
  •  Excavating the site in order to, make the soil fertile.
  •  Leveling of Soil on the site.
Plant Installation
  •  Planting the plants all over the site as per the proposed architectural plan.
  •  Fertilizing, Manuring and Mulching at the site.
Other Installation Services
  •  Offering other installation Services.
  •  Irrigation and Drainage System Installation.
  •  Hardscaping of the project site.
  •  Proper fertilizing and manuring of plants.
  •  Cutting, and shaping of hedges and plants.