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Pansy Live Plant

Plant is wonderfully easy to grow
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Description for Pansy Plant

Pansy is both perennial and annual in nature; however, they usually thrive brilliantly during winter and tend to get saggy in summer. They are particularly pronounced in Europe and Asia and belong to the violet family. These flowers are ideally suited to grow during the spring bringing a riot of beautiful colours. Since their seeds need a long period before they could germinate, it is best to plant them 20 or 21 days beforehand. Between each plant, there should be a minimum gap of 6 centimetres. These plants grow till a height of 6” to 9” tall producing flowers in a range of bright colours like purple, orange, blue red, yellow, and pink.

If you want to make the blooming season more long-lasting, prune them on a regular basis. Their popular variety is Jolly Joker which is reputed to bloom during spring as well as summer with orange flowers and purple petals. These are widely grown indoors as well, favourably placed near the windows for them to receive an adequate amount of light. They are heart-shaped flowers with around 1” to 4” in diameter. 

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time


Pansy yellow

Purple, orange, pink, yellow, and blue

Fall, spring, summer, and winter



Planting And Care






They are grown best in full sun and partial shades, excessive heat is not preferable to their growth. Traditional varieties of these flowers bloom from the beginning of spring to early summer.

They grow healthy in rich soil with pH value around 6.0 and 6.2. It should be rich in its organic value and well drained. If the soil is damp, it is the best time to apply some fertilizer to it. 

They need a healthy amount of water to sustain and need to be watered twice a day during warm or dry weather conditions. Over-watering might also advance their root rot. 

75 F. They are also adaptable to freezing temperatures.

Granular fertilizer works best for these plants and should be applied during the planting time. This can be repeated after the completion of one more week. Moreover, the quality of soil can also be improved with the application of organic material and compost. Water-soluble fertilizer also improves these plants.

Caring for Pansy 

Removing the dead flower heads would subsequently increase their blooming capacity. They are susceptible to pest and diseases like rust, snailsm aphids, downy mildew, and root rot. Therefore setting slug taps is a good idea to keep these problems at bay. Moreover, you can also spray diatomaceous earth to deal with mildew and fungi. The best-selling varieties are Bolero series, Bingo, and Joker, they are known for creating a visual impact both indoor and outdoor. 


Typical usages of Pansy 

Special features

•  The leaves and flower petals are rich in Vitamin A and are therefore edible. They are used as garnishes in salads or desserts even.
•  Some parts of the plant are also effective to cure skin diseases like dandruff, excessive itching, and acne.
•  Their juice is considered to increase metabolism and purifying the blood.

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