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Pentas Pink - Lanceolata, Starcluster Live Plant

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Description for Pentas Pink- Lanceolata, Starcluster Plant 

Decorating is one of the most loved things among homeowners all around the world. Most people try to get new furniture for their home or other decorative items that are all the more expensive but are somewhat lifeless. To make your home look lively you can introduce plant life in it. Pentas Pink is one such plant that when introduced can win over just about any guest. Feel all the beauty of the sun-kissed, nectar-rich, garden-feel from the confines of the four walls of your home.

If you are a plant lover or wishes to give your home a fresh and free look then the Pentas Pink is one of the best options for you. The snow fearing perennials that are native of Yemen as well as East Africa are ideal to grow indoors and out in the garden. It is also easy to grow on garden borders, butterfly gardens, cottage gardens, etc. The best part is that with its clusters of star-shaped flowers the Pentas Pink can grow in a pot and hanging baskets as well as in the naturalized areas.

Common name

Flower colors

Bloom time



Pentas lanceolata, Egyptian Stars, Starflower


Spring through fall

3 to 4 feet

Low maintenance

Planting and Care






Full Sun

Well-drained sandy soil

Frequent Watering


A balanced fertilizer to be put in every six weeks for a better blooming plant.


Caring for Pentas Pink

•  Pentas is a welcome addition to any home as they are relatively low maintenance with fewer requirements.
•  It is best results start planting the plant in late spring.
•  It is best to use a sandy soil for growing the plant as a well-drained soil with plenty of sunlight works well in favour.
•  You need to ensure that you water the plant thoroughly but also allow the soil to dry out in between watering, but not totally dry out to maintain its health.
•  During winter you can lessen the water quantity as the effect is different then.
•  To ensure that you have a flourishing plant indoors ensure that you have a pot and soil that supports great drainage
•  For better results, you can employ a slow-release fertilizer that is half the amount recommended by the leading botanists.
•  You can use just about any fertilizer while watering.
•  It is an important part to take care of as the leaves would shrivel up if over-fed.
•  You have to care a bit more about watering the soil as less water would allow the soil to dry off and that can be harmful to the plant.
•  Ecological factors like temperature as well as humidity would affect the speed of the development of the money plant.
•  To get the plant to develop you would have to follow the instructions somewhat strictly.

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