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Peppermint Live Plant

Peppermint, there is no better alternative for the useful yet decorative plant. Just a pot full of Peppermint Live Plant is enough to win over your guests and offer more care.
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Description for Peppermint Plant

Peppermint is one of the best herbal plants that offer amazing health benefits. But here is something that you were not at all aware of like the plant can be used for decorative purpose, as well. It is one of the best plants to be kept indoors because of its multi-purpose employment. It is famous for its herbal properties as well as for its medicinal use. Peppermint offers amazing health benefits. If you love a good chew after having food that would cure you of bad breath trouble then this need.

Rather than buying bulks of it from the market it is best is what you then it makes more sense to grow on your own. It is because the most organic of the commercial farm grown vegetables is laden with pesticide. Peppermint is quite handy to have around and can be grown at home. While it is best to go through the entire process of sowing the Peppermint seeds and harvesting it but for people with time shortage, Peppermint Live Plant is the best option.

Other than being crunchy and flavorful the Peppermint is one of the fussiest of vegetable to be grown at your home. The thing that is necessary to be mindful of when you are growing celery is to make sure that the plant is never pot bound. Please remember that Peppermint is a plant which needs a lot of water, hence you have to ensure that the soil in which it is kept it would not be dry out completely. It has to be kept moist at all times or you would end up with the bitter and stringy plant, in your hand.

Common name

Flower colors

Bloom time


Mentha piperata, Mentha piperita, Mentha balsamea Wild

Pink to Red

Fall and Summer

From 6 inches to 8 feet

Planting and Care






Full sun to partial shade


Medium to Soak


Any organic fertilizer


Caring for Peppermint Plant

•  For Peppermint, it is absolutely necessary to be kept in a well-drained pot that must be placed in a bright and sunny spot. Peppermint makes great indoor plants are more than a fit for your homes and make a great addition to your office.
• Another great detail that comes in when one has to grow Peppermint plant is to water it accurately. The most important part is that the soil of the plant must get dried completely after being watered. With the Peppermint plant when it is being watered, the soil has to be thoroughly drenched. But there is a twist with the water being allowed to drain properly through the soil.
•  It is one of the top reasons for Peppermint plant to die if the owners of the plant water too often without allowing it to drain. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of the for Peppermint plant make sure to avoid this mistake at all times.