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Petunia Flower Live Plant

Come to a vast selection of petunia plants and find one that will thrive in your indoor/outdoor landscape. Now, you can start planting petunia to add some flair in the future.
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Description for Petunia Flower Live Plant

The floral beauty of petunia is well-known all over the years, and it has escalated its sales for home décor purposes over the years.  With a rich texture of color, the petunia flowers bloom to give an altogether different shade of aesthetics to the surroundings.

These plants, originate in South America from the family Solanaceae, are available in 100 different types. The striking colors with solid shades make them the obvious choice for people who want to opt for an energetic hue. They can be used framing a particular corner of the room or provide a beautiful canvas for an empty space. Its presence eliminates the dull look from vacant walls, thanks to their vivacious hues. Even a little-plotted flower plant on your table by the window is guaranteed to provide a subtle charm and depth, as it blooms into a fully-grown plant.

Common Name Flowers Colors Bloom Time



Grandiflora, Multiflora and Easy Wave.

Red, yellow, pink and white 

The typical blooming is, however, spring, summer, and fall. 

6 Inches tall and 2 feet wide

The difficulty level of growing the plant is very low i.e. it is easy to grow.


Planting and Caring for Petunia

The hybrid plants are best-taken care of indoor, and with careful trimming of its dead cells, the plants look fresh and vivid.

In case you are wondering about the caring procedures about the plant, be assured they are hassle-free and can be done with a simple routine of placing them under sunlight but only for a limited period. 






Most Varieties prefer Full Sunlight

The plants need well-draining and slightly moist soil. 

Water them regularly for better growth.

A warm temperature is needed to thrive and let them grow in the cooler temperature.

A careful amount of fertilizers is required for a healthy growth. 

These are the few simple steps are enough to ensure they are looking lush and beautiful nourishing to in a wholesome manner. 

Caring For Petunia

•  The plant grows excellently in full sunlight however it may tolerate shades in hot conditions
•  They need slight moist and drained soils to grow; In very wet and soft soil they become leggy.
•  A regular removal of dead flower encourages growing it better.
•  High phosphorous fertilizer can speed up their growth.

Typical uses of Petunia

The plant has witnessed a boom in its sale over a variety of reasons. Take a look at some of the common factors which make their sale more pronounced than other plants:

•  A Natural décor: If placed at the backdrop of contrasting color, the flowers can liven up any section of your house. They emit a pleasant aromatic fragrance, a source of positive thoughts for your mind.  Even if you are planning to place it in a non-residential area, it would be equally a great idea to create that luxurious ambience around it.