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Plumeria Champa Live Plant

The flowers of this outdoor plant are just amazingly beautiful blooming during the time of spring and are very much fragrant.
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Description for Plumeria Champa (White)

Talking about beautiful plant and flowers, how can one miss Champa (Plumeria). The flowers are just amazingly beautiful blooming during the time of spring and are very much fragrant. The flowers of this outdoor plant are of different colors in the form of white, pink, yellow, and red. With the foliage of large leaves, these beautiful flowers stand tall and become one of the best things to see.

The flowers of Plumerias are exclusively used for making leis. These outdoor plants are very much famous for their stunning and gorgeous flowers. They are grown in the containers during the time of winters and are kept indoors. There are many other names preferred for Plumeria and they are Hawaiian lei and frangipani flower. You will find it blooming in different types of colors.

This outdoor plant is around 12 inches to 20 inches long and is very unusual in their looks. You will find clustered leaves at the branches which are blunt, thick, and rough. The plumeria has branches which are crowded and quite upright which exclusively gives them an appearance of an umbrella. The branches can break but they are sturdy also until hit or disturbed by something. During the time of winter, you will find that it loses its leaves and the remaining is stubby and coarse textured branches. When the branches are bruised, a milky sap will come out of it.

Common name

Flower colors

Bloom time



Hawaiian lei flower, Frangipani, Champa.


From June to November.

Approximately 30 feet.

A bit of difficulty.

Planting and Care

You need to dig a hole as big as that of a root ball and after that, you need to keep a small amount of stone blood meal right at the bottom and let it get incorporated into the soil. You need to make certain the top of the root ball is just above the soil with the distance of one inch.

It will more like to flourish in the tropical conditions as its a tropical plant. If you want to see the best of plumeria plant, keep it at the location where there is direct sunlight. You will relish that it is blooming exceptionally well in the direct sunlight.






Full Sun for best results.

Well-drained soil is a must.

You don’t need to water if it is moist.

Indirect sunlight is preferable.

During the time of blooming season, you need to Feed it every two weeks that is from the time of May to last September.


Caring for Plumeria

●  In winter, stop watering. 

●  Make sure to fertilize it in every two to three weeks.

●  Plumerias do not prefer feet which are not dried. they should be watered deeply and needs time to get it dried completely before being ready to get water again.

●  Regular watering in spring.

Special features

●  This outdoor plant can be taken into use for the ornamental needs. You will it is generally being placed indoor in the terrace region.
●  The plumeria plant is perfectly fine for cut flowers.

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