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Plumeria (Champa) Pink Live Plant

The plant will make your garden looks gorgeous and astonishing. This light pink shade flower will be uniquely attractive in your lawn.
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Description for Champa (Plumeria)

Champa Plumeria Pink is a deciduous species of outdoor plant that belongs to the family of Plumeria. It comes in gorgeous light-pink shade brushed with a tint of white. The flowers emit their overpowering fragrance at night. They have a tropical fragrance that melts the heart of most. The pink colour makes the plant quite comely and is certainly an interesting addition to your garden.

Being highly ornamental Champa Plumeria Pink is ideal additions to your garden. Their sweet smell is the perfect balm for your weary soul. Not only at a residence, the mighty Champa Plumeria Pink is also found in the well-manicured gardens of a temple, the corporate lawns, and even on the public gardens because of their pleasing appearance. A typical tree grows to a height of 2–8 m (5–25 ft) and has the similar width.

The flowers of Champa Plumeria Pink are the symbol of natural beauty with their striking colour and eminent fragrance. It is the most beloved garden plant all around the world growing in tropical and sub-tropical climate.

Common name

Flower colors

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Plumeria Rubra, Frangipani, Red-Jasmine, Red Paucipan, Red Frangipani, Common Frangipani, simply Plumeria.



2–8 m or 5–25 ft.

Planting and Care

Though Champa Plumeria Pink is closely associated with being a tropical tree, they are extremely resilient. They are more than capable of tolerating extremely low temperatures (nothing below 300F) for short time duration. In a manageable climate, the tree can thrive well into a valley. It thrives well in the harshest summer heat. It needs is good ventilation and plentiful light to flourish.





Though the plant needs full sunshine, their flowers do not care much for well to it. The flowers may wither away in the harshest sunlight but the leaves would certainly prosper. Thus it is best to have a shade around the tree to filter the access it has to the sunlight. Just pick a corner of your garden and sow it there. Everything would be fine.

A fertile, fast draining or free-draining soil is ideal to grow the Champa Plumeria Pink in. Sandy loam soils are considered to be ideal for them for their fast draining nature. Saturated soil is not a model structure to plant the tree in. You should even avoid letting them turn so.

If you feel that the leaves of your outdoor plant are turning yellow then immediately increase its water consumption level. This is the best solution as the Champa Plumeria Pink plant can die if it does not receive enough water. They require the huge amount of water on a regular basis to thrive well. Even a short dry spell can lead to Plumeria that makes all the leaves turn yellow. A more severe reaction would be for all the leaves to fall off the plants. The young and tender leaves are the first suffer from water deprivation. To ensure that the plant prospers well to ensure good irrigation.

15-180C or 60-650F


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