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Installation and Maintenance At South Court

Project Name: South Court

Project Location: Jagatpura, Jaipur

Date Of Project Approval: July, 2017

Area Covered: 4000 sq. ft

Date Of Project Approval: July, 2017

Estimated Completion Time Given: 2 month

Project Completion Time: 45 days

Maintenance: 6 Month

Service Offered: Installation and Maintenance

Plants Installation


Lawn Care

Garden Maintenance

South Court is an upcoming project by one of the renowned builders of Jaipur, which is one of the projects done by Natures Buggy Gardening Team.

The project when started, was nothing but some residential buildings without any landscaping or greenary. The project was given to Natures Buggy gardening with a hope of turning it into a beautiful heaven, out speaking with its beauty.

The project started with a meeting with the owner who then, discussed the landscaping and building plan of the project with our expert team. Getting a tip off about the project our team started their research, collected a variety of plants best suitable according to the project, environment and Client needs, which were then, sent in a proper quotation to the Client and then, started the execution part. The complete project process can be summarized as:

1. Discussion meet between the expert team and Client.

2. Site visits and planning.

3. Plant and Grass Research as per the Project Demands.

4. Architectural Designing and Discussion.

5. Final Quotation Formation and Sharing with the Client.

6. Execution Method of the Plan:

  Marking at the site: Done in 2 days

  Complete Product delivery at the site: 5 days

  Plantation in the area : Done in 15 Days

  Turfing/ Grassing in the area : Done in 8 Days

  Beauty enhancement through Pebbles and Rocks: 5 days

  Shaping Plants and Hedges: 10 days

This is how Natures Buggy Gardening turned a barren, dull, and a boring land into a beautifully decorated, green field. The client was so overwhelmed with the work done, that he even signed a contract with the company for further Maintenance and Gardening Needs at some of his other projects.