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Farmhouse Development at Nayawas

Project Name:Nayawas, Rajasthan

Project Done: August, 2017

Area Covered: 4 Acres

Estimated Completion Time Given: 4 month

Project Completion Time: 3 month

Maintenance: 1 Month

Service Offered: Complete Gardening Services

Landscaping & Architectural Designing

Plants Installation

Grassing/ Turfing


Lawn Care

Irrigation & Drainage

Farmhouse, a place amidst the lap of the nature, full of greenery solely designed to give yourself a break from your busy professional life, and offer yourself a little bit peace of mind and thus, it ought to be decorated with complete greenery all around. A farmhouse until and unless does not have a lush green ambience it is just a mere house constructed on a widely stretched land area.

One such project was this farmhouse of a client located in the Nayawas area of Rajasthan. The project site was completely barren, with some soil dumped all over the places.

Taking in-charge of the place the Natures Buggy Team started off the project with first of all shaping the project by giving it a fresh landscape design done by the expert architect team at Natures Buggy, which was then, followed by the installation, beautification and irrigation process. The Plan of Action for this farmhouse project can be described as:

1. Discussion meet between the expert team and Client.

2. Site visits and planning.

3. Plant and Grass Research as per the Project Demands.

4. Architectural Designing and Discussion.

5. Final Quotation Formation and Sharing with the Client.

6. Execution Method of the Plan:

  Landscape Designing of the Site: 5 days

  Discussion Talks Regarding Plan Changes: 3 days

  Marking of Plants: 5 days

  Product Delivery at the Site: 5 days

  Plantation: 15 days

  Grassing/ Turfing: 22 days

  Beautification: 10 days

  Cutting & Styling of Hedges: 15 days

  Irrigation and Drainage: 10 days