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Installation and Maintenance For a Client Resort

Project Name: Rajwada Resort

Project Location: Kukas, Jaipur

Project Done: August 2017

Area Covered: 10,000 sq. ft

Estimated Completion Time Given: 3 month

Project Completion Time: 60 days

Maintenance: 3 Month

Service Offered: Installation and Maintenance

Plants Installation


Lawn Care

Garden Maintenance

Resorts are the prime choice of people when they are willing to go out somewhere, far from the hustle-bustle, pollution and busy life of the city, but who would like visiting a resort without a pretty and soothing ambiance around.

The same was the case with this project of Natures Buggy. When the project was received by our team, our expert architects went to the place in order to, inspect the area and collect some information regarding the plants to be planted at the place. On reaching the site, it was found that there was nothing present at the place, there was just soil dumped over the place and nothing else.

Then, started the work of the Natures Buggy Team, we started with the leveling of the place, making it worthy for plantation, followed by a bit of landscaping modification, designing and then, planting and grassing at the place. then, came the beautification part which was done with the help of some pebbles, by designing hedges and rock structures. The Plan Of Act can be summarized as:

1. Discussion meet between the expert team and Client.

2. Site visits and planning.

3. Plant and Grass Research as per the Project Demands.

4. Architectural Designing and Discussion.

5. Final Quotation Formation and Sharing with the Client.

6. Execution Method of the Plan:

  Marking at the site: Done in 5 days

  Product delivery at the site: 5 days

  Plantation: 10 Days

  Grassing/Turfing: 15 Days

  Beautification: 10 days

  Cutting & Styling of Hedges: 5 days

  Fountain Construction: 10 days