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  • Organic Farming at Client's Terrace

Organic Farming at Ved Ji Ka Chauraha, Murlipura, Jaipur

Project Name: Organic Farming at Client's Terrace

Project Location: Ved Ji Ka Chauraha, Murlipura, Jaipur

Project Done: August 2017

Area Covered: 36 sq. ft

Estimated Completion Time Given: 15 Days

Project Completion Time: 11 days

Maintenance: 1 Month

Service Offered: Organic Farming

Planning and Architectural design

Organic Frame Construction

Plants Installation


Irrigation and Drainage

Everyone today strives to consume each and everything that is certified as healthy, but with present chemical usage in the formulation, nothing can be certified as healthy, thus, people opt for giving their passion a goal, and start growing their own vegetables.

One such passionate person is this client of Natures Buggy who opted for growing her own vegetables at the terrace of her house. Just like any other usual terrace, the rooftop of her house was also same, completely empty, which was then modified and beautified with organic plants by the expert team of Natures Buggy.

The Plan of Action can be elaborated as:

1. Discussion meet between the expert team and Client.

2. Site visits and planning.

3. Plant and Grass Research as per the Project Demands.

4. Architectural Designing and Discussion.

5. Final Quotation Formation and Sharing with the Client.

6. Execution Method of the Plan:

  Planning: 2 days

  Construction Of Frame: 5 days

  Plant Installation and Manuring: 3 days

  Irrigation Supply: 1 days